5 Proven Ways To Get Your First Job As a Fresher

Get Your Job As a Fresher

Are you searching for your first job? For you and many others, the ordeal of searching for a new job as a fresher can be nerve-racking. There are all sorts of questions running through your mind. Some of the common ones are- are you qualified enough or are you smart enough, is your Spoken English skills good enough and much more. Experts in hiring and recruitment recommend you should not panic with these questions in your mind. The secret to nailing your first job is to prepare yourself and by the end of reading this post you will know how!

Get your first job even without experience!! 

Fresher jobs with a year of experience- do not let this paradox dampen your chances of bagging your first job. Here are five ways to help you get that job even without experience- 

1. Get a good mental break

Right after your final examinations are over, do not jump into the job hunt right away. Take a mental break. This actually helps. Go for a vacation, visit a relative or simply do the things you enjoy doing. Get your mind off the future for some time. It needs to get the rejuvenation to start a new beginning and possibly a brand- new chapter in your life. 

2. List your strong points

Sit down and make a list of the positive traits or strong points you have seen in yourself during your academic years. Deep inner vision is the key and you should not rush though the process. Pick a quiet spot and contemplate on what you see positive in yourself. This will help you in choosing the best jobs to apply for.  

These skills could be the ability to lead a group project, communicate both verbally or in writing, enjoying team competition etc. They ultimately will find a place in the resume you make for the job and make you ready for the professional environment you are about to enter. 

Tip– Opt for the SWOT Analysis for yourself- List your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This analysis will boost your clarity of mind and help you plan accordingly. 

3. Seek help for building a “killer” resume

There are times when it is quite tough to dig out your strengths and weaknesses on your own. Turn to friends and family for help. You will be surprised at what you discover and this helps you to build a resume that perfectly fits your candidature for the job you want to apply to. Others will see you in a completely different perspective and this will help you to create the perfect resume for the career that lies ahead. 

4. Check out online portals for help

There are online job portals like Monster, Times Jobs and Naukri to help you build the perfect resume. These sites give you helpful tips for the career you are interested to join. There are innumerable guides and articles you can go through to learn about the jobs and industry you are interested to join. These insights will also help you with the interview. 

When you are well aware and informed, you develop a strong sense of confidence that reflects in the way you present yourself in front of the interview panel. In the post-pandemic era, there are interviews that are conducted on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meets. Take time and make yourself acquainted with them so that in case you have a video interview you do not fumble with the features online.

Practice your speaking skills in front of a mirror, ask friends and family to take mock interviews and read career posts and go through videos on interview skills. Do not forget grooming and body language videos as well. Optimize your free time with practice as this will make you perfect!

5. Networking skills

Today, we are living in the digital era and age of social media platforms so make the most of your networking skills. There are professional websites like LinkedIn where you can network with professionals from the industry you want to join. These sites are great for freshers and experienced professionals as well.

Create your profile, upload a professional-looking photo, upload your resume and fill in all the required fields. Network as much as you can online and increase your professional connections to take tips from them. You will be surprised to find how helpful this can be. There are people who will mentor and coach you online as well. You just need to ask for their help and guidance. 

Moreover, with networking skills, you will be able to get familiar with employee referral programs. Many top organizations in almost all industries have them. Employees also get a bonus with these referral programs and so it is a win-win situation for both. Do not feel shy when it comes to approaching a friend or even the friend of a friend. Who knows you might be the source for that person’s next employee referral’s bonus!

Therefore, if you are a fresher, you do not have to panic about not having experience for your first job. Follow the tips listed above and give yourself the time to prepare for the jobs you wish to apply for. Read up about the company and ensure your resume syncs in with the job role and responsibilities for the post. In this way, you will nail your first job as a fresher and embark on a lucrative career with success!

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