10 Best Historical English Movies from Hollywood

Historical Movies Hollywood

History combined with a drop of fantasy makes a fantastic historic movie! This generation of 4g internet speed and socially active environment cannot understand the complexities of the historical movies from Hollywood. So, what makes historical cinema successful? Well, to make fruitful films, the story is taken from either historical books or documentaries. They interpret them in a most fascinating and clear format.  

Historical movies do not mean to be historical all the time. Apart from documentaries, every film is either based on past life events or real-life incidents. Well, watching historical English movies from Hollywood is never a bad idea.

Are you confused? Want to try watching something different or in search of a new movie? So an end to your confusion. Below mentioned are the top 10 Historical English Movies from Hollywood that is must-watch: – 

1. The Witch


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing Year – 2015

Duration – 1h 33m

Directed By – Robert Eggers

StarringAnya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Grainger, and Lucas Dawson.

Summary – Depicting a horrifying and terrible tale of a Puritan Family banished from Plymouth Colony. The Witch movie is a slow-burn reflection on the conformity of religions and the phobia of doom in the 17th century. Sounds alluring and is also a beautiful movie. Although, the dialogues are from historical books. 

2. 12 Years of a Slave 


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing Year – 2013

Duration – 2h 14m

Directed BySteve McQueen

Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Kenneth Williams and Michael Fassbender

Summary – The movie depicts a crime picture of kidnapping a free black man named Solomon Northup from New York City. Later on, he was into slavery on a Louisiana plantation. The story portrayed the first-hand horror of the brutal effects of slavery. The film captures the struggles of oppressed people and their battle against a system. Twelve years of Slave is not that easy to watch but is worth it.  

3. Lincoln


(Source: Wikipedia)

Release Year – 2012

Duration – 2h 30m

Directed by – Steven Spielberg

Starring – Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field and David Strathairn

Summary – The movie name itself is proof that it is on the Political Genius Abraham Lincoln. Today, people might consider that the 13h Amendment’s passage directed in the Twilight of the American Civil War. Lincoln shows us this was not the case. This movie depicts the personal life of Abraham Lincoln and his struggles in life to reach success. 

4. Free State of Jones


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing year – 2016 

Duration – 2h 19m

Directed By – Gray Ross

Starring – Matthew McConaughey, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mahershala Ali

Summary – This movie failed at the box office, but this should not stop you from watching it. This film is one of the best historic Civil war movies of 1989. It portrays the victories won and hardships that were build up by black folk after the union Victory. This movie is not a ‘feel-good film, but an unpredictable film.  

5. Selma


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing Year – 2014

Duration – 2h 8m

Directed By – Ava DuVernay

Starring – David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo and Oprah Winfrey

Summary – This movie depicts a man and his community striving to cast votes. All the artists in the film gave their utmost performance. It showcases the rights to vote that previously were denied to the community for quite a long time and the ongoing struggles they had to face. 

6. The Big Short


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing Year – 2015

Duration – 2h 10m

Directed by – Adam McKay

Starring – Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling

Summary – The movie depicts the financial depression faced by the people and how they managed to survive. One of the most imaginative films of all time with breathtaking artists, showcasing the difficulty in balancing their financial status.  

7. Black Panther


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing Year – 2018

Duration – 2h 14m

Directed By – Ryan Coogler

Starring – Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o

Summary – We are not makers of history; we are creators of history. Sometimes the best history links us to past generations but have you ever imagined a future based on learning from these past experiences? Black Panther movie strives with reality. Black Panther film depicts an African utopia only for American audiences. It is a promise to bring equality from its past. 

8. Spotlight


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing Year – 2015

Duration – 2h 9m

Directed By – Tom McCarthy,

Starring – Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams

Summary – It is the final time, Robbie! It is the time! They knew still they let it happen! Journalists are historians of the present in some way. This movie depicts the details about the Spotlight team archival research. It leads to an incredible story. Spotlight is one of the top newspaper movies yet. 

9. 13th


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing Year – 2016

Duration – 1hr 40m

Directed By – Ava DuVernay

Starring – Melina Abdullah, Michelle Alexander and Cory Booker

Summary – This movie depicts a strong autopsy of class, race, power, and law following slavery years before its abolishment. This film showcased how federal and local laws continue to create a loophole in society. This film was the powerful film of all time. 

10. Midnight in Paris 


(Source: Wikipedia)

Releasing Year – 2011

Duration – 1h 13m

Directed By – Woody Allen

Starring – Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates

Summary – At what time do you think nostalgia and history crossed their boundaries? This movie depicts a romantic comedy, showcasing a spellbinding cast that seeks answers to all of the queries. Midnight in Paris shows fast and loose characterizations. This movie reminds the audience that the future holds something. 

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