What is BlackHat Hacking?

Blackhat hacking is the act of compromising and gaining control of a system for personal gains or specific agenda. Blackhat hackers are highly technically skilled professionals with advanced knowledge of operating system (Linux/windows/Mac) internals. Also referred to as crackers sometimes as they crack the deployed security controls intentionally for personal gains. Read More

IT Security Risk and Compliance Interview Questions with Answers

IT Security Risk and Compliance jobs are in-demand across the globe. In order to check and maintain their readiness for the foreseen attacks from cyber criminals, organizations try to maintain compliance with the globally accepted security standards like ISO 27001, ISO 22301, NIST CSF, PCI DSS, HIPAA and any more. If you are looking for a job in the  IT Security Risk and Compliance sector and have an upcoming interview planned, the following frequently asked questions will definitely help. Read More

Cyber Security Analyst Job Interview Questions with Answers

Cyber Security is an interesting domain and so are the interviews. Owning to the broad range of topics in the information security domain, identifying the key areas seems challenging. From the perspective of the industry, some concepts definitely need a strong hold to stay firm in this domain. A few questions mentioned below constitute the most frequently asked interview questions and make sure you understand all of the clearly.   Read More

Vulnerability, Threat and Risk : Key difference with Examples

Vulnerability, threat and risk are most common used terms in the information security domain. They form the building blocks of advanced concepts of designing and securing security posture of any organization. However, these terms are often confused and hence a clear understanding becomes utmost important. We have tried to make the concepts easy to remember with a learning key and relevant examples. Read More