Banana Facts:The most Interesting Fruit in the World

banana the most interesting fruit

Banana is a way different from others. Let’s look at some interesting facts which make banana the most interesting fruit.

Is a banana a fruit? Why is the banana tree called a herb? Today, we came up with interesting facts about bananas that clears all your doubts. Banana is a fruit while at the same time, not fruit because the well-known banana tree is a herb. It is a herb as it does not have woody tissues. Instead of wood, the plant has a lushly and a Semperviva tree stem which dies after the growing season. In short, the banana is a tree-like perpetual herb.

Banana Facts: Do you know?

  1. The genetic similarity between a banana and a human being is 60%.
  2. One thing that makes bananas more unique is that they are naturally radioactive.
  3. In the Philippines, instead of tomatoes, they use bananas to prepare ketchup.

Let’s look at some more interesting bananas facts that will surprise you:

1.The banana is scientifically a berry:

Strawberry is not a berry. On the other hand, a banana is scientifically a berry. This point directs us towards the classification of a berry that contains seeds inside the flesh, not outside. We are consuming the seeds along the flesh, which is inside the yellow peel. 

2.Bananas look-alike that makes Banana the Most Interesting Fruit:

Bananas are seedless. The result of a genetic accident in nature led to the seedless fruit. In short, they are a genetic twin( a clone ) of a banana.

“The banana which we eat now is not the same as our forefathers ate.” The bananas that we eat today are called cavendish. But these are different  from pre-1960’s bananas, the Gros Michael, as they are washed out by “the Panama disease.”


3.One of the most consumed fruit is banana

In the USA, bananas are the most purchased fruit when compared to any other fruits like apples. Americans eat bananas a lot in their daily diets which are grown in tropical countries and shipped to the USA. Even the cost of bananas is much less than apples. On the other hand, apples are grown in the city outskirts of the USA itself.

4.Bananas are Cheap

Bananas grow and are picked so quickly. Hence, an abundant supply of bananas makes them less scarce and therefore cheaper. If bananas would take time to produce, then it would be a more expensive fruit.

banana the most interesting fruit

5.Banana is good for health

Bananas are a good origin of prebiotic fibre that boosts up the levels of good gut bacteria. It also improves digestive health. Eat two bananas daily to benefit from bacteria and reduce bloating. They help to lower blood pressure. Thus, protect heart health due to high levels of potassium and low levels of salt content.

banana the most interesting fruit

6.Bananas are mood enhancer

It contains the amino acid, tryptophan and Vitamin B6 that uploads the body to produce serotonin. They are well-known for pre-workout snacks as they contain potassium in them that helps in sustaining nerve and muscle function during workouts.

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