5 Daily Tips To Improve Your Fluency In English Speaking

English Speaking Fluency

Do you want to improve your fluency in English and speak confidently?

Well, you have come to the right place. This simple guide will give you 5 daily tips to improve your fluency in the language. All of them are free and after a few months of practice, you will find yourself reaching the next level of English fluency that you currently are in at present.

So, without much further ado, let’s start to learn about these 5 super simple daily tips to boost your English-speaking fluency skills.

1. Break your fears and shun translations

The thought of not being able to speak fluent English begins in the head. You need to break this fear and believe it is possible for you to speak English confidently, irrespective of where you belong.

Stop translations in your mind. Most people whose mother tongue is not English often think in their native language and translate the same in English. This is a very wrong approach when it comes to speaking in English or for that matter any other foreign language. You must think in English and speak in English only.

Though in the first few months, this task will be difficult for you to master but with the subsequent tips listed below, you will be able to shun the habit of translation and start to think and speak in English confidently over time.

2. Watch or Listen to the English News

This is where your radio and television set will help you. You can even use the Internet and log onto to YouTube for getting free access to both past and present videos of English news channels for the task. This is a simple way for you to pick up the accent, intonation and sentence construction of the language.

Listen carefully to the newsreaders in English to learn new words and pronunciation. The key here is to listen attentively. The more you listen, you will be able to register the words spoken and practice them later. In the beginning, this exercise might seem challenging if you have just started to learn English.

However, watching the English News for at least 20 minutes a day will help you understand the language better. Today, most channels have headlines and screen scrolls with the news as well. Make sure to read them too as this will help you get accustomed to the language as well.

3. Read English books, magazines or even a newspaper daily

Reading a newspaper, storybook, magazine in English helps you to practice English. Pick a source that is of your standard. There are plenty of free resources online to help you start reading in English.

However, when you read in English, read loud enough to hear yourself, listen to how you sound. Most people are not fortunate to have someone to practice their spoken English skills with. Reading helps you learn, practice and get accustomed to common English words. Read for at least 30 minutes a day.

Pro-tip– To make this reading exercise more interesting, you can switch on the voice recording mode of your mobile and record yourself while you read. Later on, you can hear yourself and assess your improvement gradually with time.

4. Boost your vocabulary

The more English words you know, the better. When you are listening or watching the English News, you can write down the new words you hear and use a dictionary to find their meanings. You can do the same while reading a newspaper, magazine, or book in English.

Now, when it comes to your dictionary, you no longer need to head straight to the nearest bookstore to pick up an Oxford or Cambridge Dictionary for the task. You can log onto the Internet and find them there. Just type in the new word in the search string to find out its meaning.

These online dictionaries also help you with the pronunciation of the new word and have both US and UK versions of the accent/pronunciation for you to distinguish and use for your communication needs.

For grammar, you will find many online videos to help you with your parts of speech, articles, tenses and other grammar areas that you might be weak in. Online resources like the British Council website also have podcasts for those who want to improve their English at a professional level for their career.

Pro-tip- Write down 10 new words you hear and read every day and find out their meanings. In this way, you will be able to improve your vocabulary and use them in your daily life.

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5. Present and practice

Choose a topic that you are comfortable speaking about in English and start presenting it to yourself for 5 to 10 minutes daily. In the beginning, you might feel shy to present this topic to your family members or friends who are willing to help you practice your English -speaking skills. This short but effective daily exercise will really make you confident enough to speak in English in public.

You can practice by speaking to yourself in the mirror. Later, when you are comfortable, you can ask a friend willing to help you to listen to your presentations sometimes. You can also practice Spoken English on the phone with your friends gradually and help yourself and them when working towards the common goal of improving your English fluency.

Therefore, with these simple daily tips, you can see a vast improvement in the way you speak in English in just a few months. Who knows, your daily efforts to improve your fluency in English can even inspire others to follow suit too. Remember practice makes you perfect so give yourself time and see a positive difference in your confidence and your ability to speak in English fluently soon.

Good Luck!

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