Banana Facts:The most Interesting Fruit in the World

banana the most interesting fruit
Many facts make banana unique. Banana is a fruit and not a fruit too because the well-known tree which, is the banana tree, is not just a tree, it is a herb. Instead of wood, the plant has a lushly and a Semperviva tree stem. As it does not have woody tissues and the fruit-bearing stem dies after the growing season, it's a herb. The genetic similarity between a banana and a human being is 60%. Read this article to know interesting facts about banana. Read More

Common COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects You Should Know About

Covid-19 vaccine side effects
Common COVID-19 vaccine side effects have mostly been mild to moderate to help your body build protection and have lasted no longer than 1-2 days. COVID-19 vaccines are secure, safe, and protected that help defends you against the increasing severe COVID-19 virus. AstraZeneca and Covaxin vaccine confirmed to be one of the safer, milder, and more protected vaccines so far. Read More