Top 5 Best Budget Management Apps to Use for Easy Budget Management

Everybody knows what budget management is but fail to put the knowledge into practice. While keeping a track of all the expenses manually is neither easy nor interesting, this is where the budget management apps play a salient role. Here …

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Top 5 Habit Tracking Apps For Building and Improving Habits

In old days, you would need help from someone to help with habit tracking and guide you. Luckily, you already have a smartphone that has revolutionized our way of living. Apps can do almost anything nowadays. Going back, to combat bad habits and establish good ones, here are our top 5 apps to help track your habits. Read More

Top 10 Made in India Best TikTok Alternatives

Tik-tok alternatives
On June 29, 2020, it was officially banned in India due to national security concerns. This has left its users confused as to how to cope up and looking for TikTok alternatives. If you are looking for Made in India TikTok alternatives, here is the list you might want to explore:- Read More

Top 5 Free Android Apps For Best Indian Food Recepies

Indian Food Recepies
There are numerous types of cuisines across the world. In India itself the cuisine varies from state to state.  Everyone has a comfort food range specifically belonging to the local recepie. Being an Indian specially the value of delicious India dishes cannot be underrated. With variety of spices, ingredients and different cooking techniques, a variety of Indian recepies are available. Biryani, parathas, paneer recepies, Tandoori recepies, chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, samosas and more. With a variety of android apps available, it becomes difficult to choose which is the best. Our team of experts has prepared the following list including the best android apps for Indian Recepies. Just choose your favorite app and get going!!! Read More