Typing games for kids to learn faster: Review and Guide

typing games for kids
Majority of parents try their best to make sure their kids learn new things in early stages itself. One such activity we all are ware of is typing. Typing games for kids are a immense way to improve typing speed and accuracy. Know about the top 10 typing games for kids in this post. Read More

Banana Facts:The most Interesting Fruit in the World

banana the most interesting fruit
Many facts make banana unique. Banana is a fruit and not a fruit too because the well-known tree which, is the banana tree, is not just a tree, it is a herb. Instead of wood, the plant has a lushly and a Semperviva tree stem. As it does not have woody tissues and the fruit-bearing stem dies after the growing season, it's a herb. The genetic similarity between a banana and a human being is 60%. Read this article to know interesting facts about banana. Read More