Top 10 things to Check Before Buying an Electric Car

No matter whether you care for the environment or not, buying an electric car requires lots of homework to avoid miserable outcomes. In recent years, electric cars tend to step further but not as high as oil-powered vehicles.

Though electric cars have advantages like cost-effective, eco-friendly and easy to maintain but, still there are crucial characteristics which you should consider before buying an electric car.

1. Understand the Need

Before buying an electric car, you need to analyze whether it serves your practical needs. In reality, electric cars are best worked out for young urbanites who commute in metropolitans— it is not for owners who have lots of kids to drive up and down highways. Remember, just simply to go with the style is not always pursued; you need to evaluate your lifestyle too.

2. Battery life

Electric car batteries are like other electronic gadgets that need to be replaced from time to time. Though manufactures claim that batteries run up to 500,000 miles, it lasts not more than 150,000 miles approximately. Poorly, battery prices are rather expensive of EV. Needless to say, conditions like extreme temperatures, overcharging and power surges can damage the lifespan of batteries.

3. Charging stations

It is a rather big issue for EV owners. It is not a problem if you live in metropolitans, where you find charging stations next to you (metropolitans of North  Americans still don’t have favorable charging stations). But when it is time to travel outside metropolitan, without charging stations, EV terminates its ability to move further.

4. Driving range

This very con stops customers from purchasing a new electric car. Without maximum charging stations, electric cars tend to run lower than oil-powered vehicles. However, experts and analysts admit that due to less distance capacity after running out of battery charging, customers yearn to buy hybrid cars. With electric cars, you are mostly allowed to travel around metropolitan areas — not far away from it.

5. Upgradation

Electric cars contain lots of firmware, hardware and software— all need to be updated regularly. Though Tesla Motors upgrade them without any cost, other manufacturers ask owners to upgrade regularly. At times, they also charge for them. Before going to the final deal, do not forget to ask the manufacturers if they will charge for upgrading them or not!

6. Manufacturer/vendor

Manufacturers are crucial factors while buying an electric car. Make sure you buy from quality manufacturers(which are listed by leading automobile manufacturers), who offer after-sale services for your car. Make sure if they will provide services in case of any issue raised in the future.

7. Cable length

Accordingly, the efficiency of an electric car is also determined by cable length— the longer the cable, the more convenient. Though the manufacturer provides  5-feet long cable, you are also allowed to buy from other vendors (varying in lengths and versions).

8. Incentive

To make electric vehicles affordable and fashionable, governments all over the world are providing subsidies to buyers. As an example, Indian government is bearing 20% of the cost of lithium-ion battery-powered electrical vehicles (under FAME).  which undoubtedly boosts the sale of EV. Whenever you are thinking of buying an electric car, you can get benefits from such incentives.

9. Additional costs

There are many costs (purchase price, insurance, general maintenance, charging station purchase, charging station installation, charging station maintenance) associated with owning an electric vehicle. Which at the end cost very high. So, it is best advised to merge all the numbers before deciding to buy an electric car.

10. Maintenance

Electric cars are new to the world with limited mechanical experts. Many of the traditional mechanics don’t get the head or tail of it. It is because you are guided to consult manufacturers to maintain regularly.

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