Top 5 New Interesting and Innovative Technology You Must Know About

From ATMs to smartphones the world has witnessed a lot of advancements and innovations in the last few years. While there are multiple ideas yet to be introduced to the world, few ideas have already been explored in new technology. In the following article, we have collated the top 5 newly invented and interesting technologies the world has witnessed that are fascinating as well as useful for mankind:-

1. Batteries chargeable under 10 minutes


On average an electric vehicle takes eight hours to get completely charged but what if it takes the time as short as any other daily task like making a cup of tea or watering the plants? Well, now that’s a reality. Created by researchers of Pennsylvania State University in the USA, these newly designed batteries take just ten minutes to recharge an electric vehicle while ensuring a long battery life. These batteries have been designed in a way that they get self-heated allowing rapid charging even during chilling weather below 45° F. The researchers are even working on bringing the time down to five minutes.

2. Cancer-detecting needles


 Currently, people have to bear anxiety and discomfort after a diagnosis until the complete health reports are prepared. While the medical devices used in diagnosis are complicated, recently a team from the University of Bristol in the UK has developed a smart needle that uses light to detect cancer cells using the technique of optical biopsy (called Raman spectroscopy). According to scientists, the light is scattered differently in the healthy and diseased tissues therefore the needle identifies the presence of cancer cells instantaneously allowing early treatment and intervention if the disease is present.

3. FLYTE Levitating Bulb


 This unique levitating bulb has been designed in Sweden based on the technology of wireless power transmission innovated by Nikola Tesla. What’s unique about this bulb is that it is powered by air and features magnetic suspension technology. It gives the illusion of the bulb floating in the air without any visible support. If you wonder about its efficiency, it is quite durable as it is made up of oak, ash and walnut. Its LEDs last for around 50,000 hours that translates to 11 years if used at an average of 12 hours per day.

4. Sustainable Concrete


Concrete is the second most-consumed material after water. As its potential replacement, a team from the University of Colorado Boulder has developed a sustainable concrete using sand, gel and bacteria. The microbes present in this concrete are capable of self-healing by the way of capturing sunlight through photosynthesis. Researchers believe that future buildings would be earth-friendly, capable of healing their cracks and sucking up harmful toxins from the air.

5. Solar Roadways

Solar-roadways is a system of engineered solar panels that are fitted under the high strength, shatter-proof gorilla glass on the roads to generate electricity. They also contain LED lights that can act as road and warning signals. In addition, they can even generate enough heat to prevent ice accumulation on the roads thus ensuring easy walking and driving. Apart from these benefits, this new technology is also capable of sensing wildlife on the road and warning the drivers to slow down.

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