Top 10 Benefits of Switching to Electric Cars

Electric Car Benefits

IsChange is an inevitable part of life. Changes are generally made to benefit mankind by the way of innovations and advancements. However, the rising climate crisis over the planet has made the switch to electric cars a necessity. While many countries have already switched to electric vehicles, India is set to switch to complete electrification of vehicles by 2030. In recent times there has been a notable increase in the demand of electric vehicles subject to the great benefits the electric cars offer to the end users.

Below are the top 10 benefits of switching from cars with a combustion engine to electric cars:-

1. More stable prices of electricity

While the prices of petrol and diesel keep fluctuating daily the prices of electricity are quite stable. In the case of electric cars, one can estimate their approximate expenditure with ease.

2. Cheaper running cost

One of the best benefits of electric cars is incredibly low running costs. Furthermore, they are cheaper to maintain due to their simple design and functions. Running costs can be cut down even further electricity is generated through rooftop solar panels.

3. Charging at the owner’s convenience

Nothing feels as relieving as not having to wait in queues of fuel pumps. With electric cars, the owner can charge their cars according to their convenience – twice a week, thrice a week or even over the weekends. However, fixing a time to charge the vehicle helps rule out any chances of getting late in case of less charge.

4. Almost zero noise

Due to internal combustion engines, electric vehicles make a much lesser sound than gas-powered motors of petrol or diesel cars. Therefore an electric car proves to offer a silent and comfortable journey for the commuters. Recent findings show that reduced noise also reduces the adverse health effects related to noise pollution like stress, anxiety, heart ailments, etc.

5. Easier to maintain

In the case of electric vehicles, there are fewer parts that require frequent cleaning or fixing, therefore, it becomes much easier to maintain an electric car.

6. Government incentives

To promote the sale and usage of electric vehicles central and state governments of India have been taking multiple initiatives. For example, the Delhi government, recently, approved a subsidy of ₹1.5 lakh on over one hundred models of electric vehicles along with exemption from registration charges on these vehicles. Similarly, Uttarakhand announced to exempt the first 1 lakh EVs from the motor vehicles tax.

7. Sustainable Development for future generations

With more and more fuel cars being replaced by electric cars we can surely look forward to a cleaner and earth-friendly atmosphere. Electric cars somewhat help in combatting the existential threat of pollution to humankind by fewer emissions of harmful gases. Also, the batteries of EVs are recyclable while nothing in fuelled ones can be recycled.

8. Comfortable and more spacious cabin

Motors and batteries don’t occupy much space if compared to engines. As a result, electric cars provide more legroom for the commuters. Not only the spacious front, but an electric car also provides a larger boot space. Because of no gearbox

9. Easy to drive

Having quicker and smoother pickup than conventional cars, electric cars are better to drive than the fuelled ones. Another advantage of electric cars is that one doesn’t have to keep in mind the gear mechanisms while driving. The driver just needs to watch the speed & brakes and that’s all.

10. Safety Improvements

Due to the absence of any flammable fuel in electric cars, there are almost no chances of explosion. Also, batteries in electric cars have the property of slow-burning therefore allowing enough time to evacuate in case of a car crash. Another safety advantage of electric cars is a lower centre of gravity making the probability of a rollover car accident very low.

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