Solar Water Heater System – FAQs and Buyer Guide 

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are quite trending these days. Due to it’s increasing popularity, today, they are pretty affordable. A lot of people have switched to cleaner forms of energy. This saves our planet and makes it a greener place. A solar water heater system has innumerable benefits in the longer run. Over time, you will notice a drastic reduction in your bills. 

Besides, it also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you have been thinking of going the solar way, then that is the best decision you can take. Besides, every residential solar heating system saves about 1.4 tonnes of gas emissions every year. Now, that’s something to look out for. 

What is a Solar Water Heater System? 

A solar water heater system when installed properly can cut your bills in half. These systems are known to provide at least 50% of your annual hot water needs. A solar water heater system acquires thermal energy from the sun which is then used to heat water. 

Working Of The Solar Water Heater System

Solar Water Heater

The main function of the system is to collect sunlight with the help of collectors. It is then converted to heat energy which is passed to the water tank through the circulating pump.  

The thermal regulator is responsible for this exchange. You don’t need electricity at all because of the circulating pump. At the same time, it makes sure that the water does not overheat. 

The efficiency of the collectors depends on the time of the day. For example, the collector has the best performance during the day when the sky is cloudless. 

Also, this equipment should be placed facing south. When there is insufficient sunlight, the water gets preheated. After this, the backup system is in control and gets the water to the desired temperature. 

Solar Water Heater: Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How much hot water do you need? 

If you are a large family and the demand for hot water is high, then a system with a larger collector will be ideal. Else, you can opt for a smaller system. 

2. Where are you located? 

In warmer areas, a huge amount of water can be heated with a small system. In colder regions, a system with a large collector will be required. 

3. How much can you spend? 

Solar water heater systems are affordable and have a faster return on investment. Before purchasing, get the estimates for the system. 

Solar Water Heater System: Buyer Guid

Here we will share 5 parameters that will help you in buying the best solar water heater system.

1. Purpose 

If you need one for a home set-up, then you will need to choose a smaller system with high efficiency. On the other hand, for office setups, you will have to choose a larger solar system to recover costs.

2. Cost 

The initial price and installation of a solar system can be high. But if this is your permanent set-up, then you can go ahead with it.

3. Capacity 

The bigger the size of the water heater, the more efficient it will be. If you consider purchasing one big solar system setup, it will save you more money than buying two smaller ones.

4. Types

There are mainly two types of systems. They are Flat Plate Collector and Evacuated Plate Collector. While FPC is expensive, EPC is fairly cheaper.

5. Climate

If your region is mainly hot, then a solar system will be the best. However, if the climate is cloudy, the solar system won’t last too long. 

If you are looking to cut down on your electricity bills, then a solar water heater will help out a lot. Choose the best product for your home. 

Go Green, Save Nature! 

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