Top 10 Things to Check Before Buying a New AC

Summers are enjoyable only if you install top-quality AC in your room. With the market filled with a variety of brands and options, you are likely to be confused— what to choose or what not!

Apparently, buying a new AC needs reasonable examination before adding into the cart. There are a few aspects that determine whether your new AC will last for a long-run or be helpful in safety measures!

Here is a list of top 10 things to check before buying a new AC

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1. Tonnage

It is advised to choose the right amount of tonnage according to the size of the room. Tonnage refers to the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

2. Installation and maintenance

For a long-run, it is suggested to install your AC from an authorised dealer. There should not be any flaws in installing. Make sure you clean and maintain it regularly. Most importantly, follow the directions given by the authorised dealer.

3. Air quality

Please pay attention to the air qualities of an AC. Usually, good quality filters give pure indoor air quality, which removes odour, smoke, as well as germs from the air. Also, a good quality filter offers clean air and improves cooling performance and energy. This is essential for good health and well being.

4. Noise control

Noise is another crucial factor while buying a new AC. Each AC retains different noise levels. Before adding to the final cart, do not forget to check the specifications to understand the noise level. Keep in mind that the noise level doesn’t break your sleep or your neighbour’s.

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5. Easy to clean filters

The filter helps to pass pure air into the machine. It saves you from passing gems, smoke and bad odour. If you clean it regularly, it will save 5%- 10% energy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose filters which are easy to remove and clean.

6. Fire safety

Nowadays, most AC includes P2 protected capacities, which includes the highest level of safety features. While servicing your new AC, keep in mind that the dealer doesn’t include anything that results in negative consequences. Additionally, it is not advised to keep close any inflammable stationary that outcomes sudden fire.

7. Speed

Now, air conditioners include thermostat and multiple fans; that consumes less power consumption. Today, most of the AC have arrow and swing settings as well, which eventually helps users to control the cooling level as per his/her preference. Also, it reduces noise level to a great extent.

8. Key component

Blower fan and condenser coils are essential parts of an AC. Blower is responsible for the air distribution all over the space. Likewise, a condenser coil helps to speed up cooling. Again, protective capacitor is another key feature to prevent fire (in case of a disconnection or circuit failure).

9. Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another key point while installing a new AC in your room. You would want an AC which consumes the least power and gives maximum cooling. Usually, 5-star AC will consume less power than 1-star AC— higher the numbers, better energy efficiency.

10. Warranty

Many of the air conditioners have longer warranties. However, you need to check the manufacturer’s website for details of the warranty period. Instead of that, you’re free to ask the retailer about the warranty of that model and brand.

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