What Is Crash Dieting For Weight Loss And How It Is Bad For Health?

Crash Dieting

You look in the mirror and all of a sudden, it seems you have put on weight or are obese and ugly. The first thought that comes into your mind is to crash dieting to accelerate the weight loss. But do you know that crash dieting is one of the most dangerous things to do to your body? It carries many risks and today’s post will delve deep into this topic so that you are aware and can spread the same awareness about the ill effects of crash dieting to you and all those around you. 

Ill-effects of crash dieting 

Constipation, hair loss, imbalances in electrolytes, weakness, and more. These are just some of the big risks of crash diets. Before we get into the long-term  ill-effects of crash dieting, let us first understand what it means? The term crash dieting means rapid weight loss and it comes with multiple risks to your body. Given below are the primary ones to know about- 

Gall stones 

There is a small organ right below the liver and this is called the gall bladder. It has a liquid called bile that breaks down the fat when we eat. Gall stones are created when bile substances crystalize and they clump together. They can be as small as sand or grow as big as golf balls. The presence of large stones results in illness and pain. Rapid loss of weight or crash dieting accelerates the formation of gall stones. Like for instance, when you lose three pounds or more in a week, the risks of gall stone formation increase. It has been seen that about 25% of people that have a diet that is less than 800 calories a day are at greater risks to gall stones. The recycling of weight- gain and loss on a repeat mode are responsible for the increase of gall stones in the body. 

Losing lean body mass 

When you suddenly lose a lot of weight, some of it can also be lean body mass, i.e. bone and muscle over fat. If you want to lose weight fast in a healthy way, consult a healthcare expert for guidance. You will be under medical supervision and the fat melts away safely. A very low -calorie diet is dangerous and the loss of muscle and bone results in a weak and frail immune system. You lose strength and become a victim of poor health, that also become dangerous as we grow older and age. 

Poor nutrition 

The body gets is nutrition from vitamins, minerals, protein, and more to function in a healthy manner. Being aware of this fact, helps you consume food so that you give your body a balanced intake of nutrients regularly. When you suddenly reduce what you eat, your body does not get the healthy supply of nutrients it needs. A shortage in essential nutrients due to crash dieting cause both short and long-term illnesses that can become serious with the passage of time. 

The nasty rebound 

Do you know that even if you still manage to lose weight due to crash dieting with all of its risks, it is harder for you to keep it off?  Studies by experts across the globe has revealed most people regain the weight they lose fast. Here, the logic is simple, when you suddenly reduce the amount of food you generally eat, the body believes you are starving. So, it gets into a protective mechanism and slows down the metabolism. This makes it challenging for you to lose weight. In short, crash diets make people regain the lost weight faster and, in some cases even more than they had lost. 

If you are really struggling to lose weight, forget about crash diets, consult a healthcare professional and allow the expert to guide you through the journey in a safe way!

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