Top 10 websites where you must create your profile to get a job quickly

Right now, searching for a job isn’t that hard as you think!

The latest outbreak caused crores of employees to leave their jobs suddenly. At the same moment, online job boards settle everything back into its place again. You might not believe it but tons of job openings started on a daily basis. If you already gain the specific skill or talent, you are very most likely allowed to find a new job for yourself— it happens with less amount of time and effort.

Here is a list of top 10 websites that will help you out if you’re searching for a new job! 

1. Indeed

At Indeed, you will get the latest jobs posted by employers. It offers jobs locally and globally. According to the report, Indeed adds 10 new jobs in every second. Besides, it has a resume builder tool and career blog. You’ll get your preferred job within seconds.

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2. Monster

It is claimed to be the first major job site. You’ll get almost every category of job you are looking for. It has its own app (runs in 40 countries). Besides, Monster has its online resume builder, networking boards and company profiles.

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3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is renowned for offering diverse remote jobs— work from home opportunities. Here, you will get almost every kind of job you’re searching for. No doubt, FlexJobs is scam-free, ad-free and secure. Noted, it manages to have diverse subscription plans— you are good to select one of them!

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4. SimplyHired

This portal collects listings from all over the world. Thus, it is good for remote and in-workplace jobs. As per the report, SimplyHired lists job openings from 700,000 unique employees. Here, you can apply for the kind of jobs you are most inclined toward.

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5. Google for Jobs

Google offers job listings from sites across the web. Just search with the right keywords (data scientists jobs in India) and it will instantly show up different openings of employees. By clicking you can apply for that particular position.

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6. offers job alerts, resume builder and career blog. Most of all, it provides tons of career opportunities. Through it you can upload your resume to be recruited by hiring managers and employers. This site is fully AI-based— it is much easier to connect with companies.

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7. Ladders

Ladders offer jobs for senior-level professionals and executives— those who are aiming for a higher position. Ladders is purely subscription-based, 100% secure and strict in its terms and rules.

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8. AngelList

AngelList is best for those who favour remote positions. Also, it offers startup jobs. The good thing about AngelList is — it provides company’s information, recruiting procedure, funding and work-culture. Which is a good advantage while applying for that specific position.

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9. LawCrossing

It is a classified job board. Particularly, it offers jobs for law students or paralegal. LawCrossing contains 130k+ legal jobs worldwide, which have mainly emerged from law firms, corporations, and government offices.

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10 Goodwall

Goodwall is best for fresh-graduate, student and young professions. This job board holds 5 million jobs and internships across the world. In addition, Goodwall offers various volunteer opportunities and personal development courses.

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Besides, there are also a variety of freelancing platforms which offer full-time, part-time, and remote jobs for candidates. So, start applying now!

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