Dance Movement Therapy: A Key To Mental Well Being

Dance Movement Therapy


Dance Movement Therapy or DMT makes use of psychotherapeutic dance and movement to support emotional, intellectual, and motor functions of the body. It mainly focuses on the connection between emotion and movement to boost an individual’s mental and physical being. This therapy is beneficial for those who don’t find traditional therapy working for them. In addition, it is recommended for those who cannot comprehend the cause of their troubling. 

DMT is appropriate for people of all ages from children to older adults and seniors. You do not need to have a particular background to benefit from DMT. It isn’t a class or session wherein you will ne be judged. Instead, it is a therapeutic session that may be combined with other forms to heal the body and mind. It allows clients to understand their authentic feelings and improve themselves. 

What Can Dance Movement Therapy Help With? 

Dance Movement Therapy is a versatile and highly recommended form of therapy. This therapy has proven to boost an individual’s self-esteem and body image. DMT is widely used to treat psychological, physical, cognitive among other issues. 

Here is what DMT can help you treat: 

Physical Issues

  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Childhood obesity
  • Chronic pain 
  • Cancer 

Cognitive Issues

Mental Health Issues 

Social Issues 

  • Family conflict
  • Domestic violence
  • Violence/ Trauma 
  • Autism
  • Communication problems

Benefits of Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy is proven to have incredible results on individuals suffering from depression or stress. In this section, we will discuss the benefits of Dance Movement Therapy.

1. Allows individuals to express their emotions 

Dance therapy works great for people who have issues with expressing themselves. At the same time, it works magically well for people with limited mobility. The music allows them to free their minds and movement. This is the time when they can freely express their suppressed feelings. Try to play different songs and see which one works the best for your client.

2. Increased physical fitness 

A fun way to boost your fitness levels is through dance and movement. Allow your clients to dance to different music and practice several forms of dance. Besides, with the Dance Movement Therapy, there are stretching as well as deep breathing. This not only improves physical fitness but also relieves stress and anxiety. This is also known to develop gross motor skills.

3. Stress relief

Dance is a great form of exercise to relieve built-up stress and anxiety. It is not only a great form of stress reliever but is also emotionally therapeutic. Since movement is connected to feelings and thoughts, dance can change attitudes and emotions instantly. Dance can change your outlook on life. Individuals who come upset for this therapy leave feeling energized and confident. 


Dance Movement Therapy has several advantages to it than you can imagine. It isn’t just great for the body but also for the mind and mental well being. Health isn’t only about having a great body but a peaceful mind too. So, we hope you liked this article on Dance Movement Therapy. Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback! 

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