Suffering From Low Self-esteem: Effective Ways To Overcome The Issue

low self-esteem

Are you battling the woes of low self-esteem and do not know how to feel better about yourself? You are not alone as there are several others like you who suffer from low self-esteem issues for varied reasons. Today’s post will look into this problem and help you to discover easy and effective ways on how to overcome these low feelings to feel better about yourself and the world. So, stay tuned till the end.

What causes low self-esteem? 

Low self-esteem generally originates in the mind when you feel you are unworthy. There could be some events in the past or present that might have made you feel this way.  Thoughts that you are inadequate, incompetent or unacceptable haunt you all the time. These strong beliefs lead to thoughts that are negative and self-critical. They affect your mental health and later your life choices and behavior in life. 

With the power of mindfulness, you can effectively mitigate negative thoughts that affect your choices in life. You will learn how to look at situations better and tend to view yourself and other people less objectively. 

Ways to overcome low self-esteem

The following are some effective ways to help you to overcome the feelings of low self-esteem- 

low self-esteem

1. Live in the present moment

When you live and focus on the present moment, you can choose your actions wisely. You will not be affected with the thoughts of the past and unperturbed about anxiety and worries in the future. 

2. Develop a keen sense of awareness

Being fully aware of yourself and surroundings helps you in a large way to respond and react better to fears and apprehension. When you create a moment between your actions and emotions, you are able to respond in a better and healthier way. 

3. Write daily in a journal

Do you know that writing in a journal helps? There are several fears and thoughts that often remain locked up inside your sub-conscious mind. When you pen them down in a personal journal, you can separate the negative thoughts from the truth as to who you really are. 

4. Do not judge

Self-acceptance helps you to be non-judgemental in life. This goes a very long way to help you accept successes and failures in life. The same holds true for other people as well. You are able to accept them just the way they are without shame or pride. 

5. Remain connected to yourself

Mindfulness helps you in a large way to stay connected with your inner self. You can curb thinking in the auto-pilot mode and stop pleasing people. Gradually, you will stop jumping around to please others without thinking about your own needs. 

6. Practice mindful meditation

Meditation means you should let go and declutter the racing thoughts that run through your mind all day. Take some moments to remain still and silent. Take deep slow breaths and experience calmness in the mind. Focus on your inhalation and exhalation of breaths to feel peace inside. This simple daily practice helps you in a large way to remain focused and peaceful inside. 

7. Participate in life

With daily meditation and mindfulness, you are able to remain active and participate in the activities of life. You can assess your thoughts and your response will be better. When you are aware of what you feel, you are able to take action and responsibly participate in life. 

8. Let go

Letting go of events and people that pull you down helps you to break negative attachments. Trust yourself and choose what is completely right for your happiness. Sometimes, other people enter your life and damage your self-esteem. Do not allow them to control your thoughts- if someone is not right for you, let go and move on. 

With these simple ways, you can boost your self-esteem to a large extent. Show compassion towards yourself as this is the first step for you to enhance your self-worth. Remember, to love yourself first. Do what is right for you and gradually watch the low feelings drifting away from your mind. It will take some effort but trust the process-it does work and you will feel better with time!

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