What is Kojic Acid and How Does It Help You Look Beautiful?

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid has multiple beauty benefits and is highly recommended for people with sun damaged skin or hyperpigmentation. It is a popular ingredient for skin lightening and can be found in over-the-counter face creams, serums, soaps, powders, face packs and face washes. Today’s post will delve deeply into the benefits of kojic acid for your skin and how you can incorporate it daily for your beauty regime. 

What Is Kojic Acid and How Does It Work?

Kojic acid is derived from different kinds of fungi. It is a by-product of certain foods especially when they ferment like soy sauce and rice wine. 

It prevents and inhibits the creation of tyrosine – an amino acid required for producing melanin. This is a pigment responsible for the color of your hair, skin and eyes. Due to its ability to inhibit the production of melanin, it has a skin lightening effect. 

Uses of Kojic Acid 

Kojic acid is regularly used for the treatment of several cosmetic conditions. It has been approved for use in products in a concentration of 1% or less. As mentioned above, you will find this ingredient in several cosmetic beauty products sold in the market today. 

However, powders must be mixed with a lotion or water depending upon the instructions of the product. There are some products like in the case of cleansers and soaps where Kojic acid needs to be immediately washed off. Others like serums and creams have to be left on the skin to be absorbed fully. 

Certain products like face masks with the ingredient can be used only on occasions. Cleansers and creams can be applied daily. Products with Kojic acid can be used on the hands and face however, they can also be applied on other areas of the body that is non-sensitive. 

Beauty Benefits Of Kojic Acid 

The primary use and benefits of Kojic acid is to lighten noticeable sun damage, scars or age spots. It gives the skin an anti-aging effect. Besides this, it has some anti-microbial properties that fight off multiple types of bacteria strains even if they exist in very small dilutions. This helps in the treatment of acne and helps in the lightening of scars caused by acne that has not faded away as yet. 

Kojic acid is also known for its anti-fungal properties and so helps you to clear up infections. It is even added to products that fight mild to severe fungal infections on the skin. This ingredient also treats candidiasis, ringwork or athlete’s foot. It is effective against yeast infections as well. If you use soap with Kojic acid regularly, you can prevent both fungal and bacterial infections on the body daily. 

Regularly Use As It Eradicates-

  • Dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation, aging or sun exposure
  • Melasma
  • Bacterial infections 

If you are searching for an antioxidant that gives you a fountain of youth, Kojic acid is the right beauty ingredient for you. You can use it for eliminating hyperpigmentation arising from hair removal due to razor burns as well. Apply this to the area to accelerate healing process. In some days, you will notice a visible improvement to the skin. 

When Not To Use Kojic Acid…

Do not use if-

  • You have injured or damaged skin due to a cut. Wait for the skin to heal before the application on the area.
  • Avoid its use if you have skin irritation, allergies or contact dermatitis
  • Avoid using in large concentrations as it can be toxic (this has been proved by animal studies)

Kojic acid can safely be used during the day and night. If you have really sensitive skin, start using it twice a day and build up the frequency after your skin becomes tolerant towards it. Invest in skincare products from top brands and always follow the instructions on the label to get beautiful and radiant skin over time!

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