5 Effective Tips To Tackle Anger Management Issues 

Anger Management

Anger is man’s worst enemy and it ruins one’s life when it gets out of control. It is a human emotion that takes over logic and sane judgement. If you or anyone you know tend to get angry often, today’s post is intended for you. Anger is a human emotion like love, hate, jealousy etc., however, the problem starts when it gets out of control. It has the ability to ruin relationships both personal and professional taking a huge toll on your health if anger management is not taken care of. 

Know when you are angry

Before getting into the effective tips for anger management problems, you first must know and understand when and why you are angry. Being aware of your emotions is the first step towards controlling them. For instance, do you start to fume when you are stuck in a traffic jam or while driving someone cuts you off on the road? Do you become angry when your child refuses to cooperate? These are just some of the common triggers of anger. 

Is anger healthy? 

Healthcare experts say that anger as an emotion is normal and, in some specific circumstances, can be healthy as well. However, when you sense the pangs of anger surfacing in you, it is important for you to tackle it positively. If the anger is uncontrolled it takes a toll on your relationships and health. 

Get ready to control your anger now

If you tend to get angry on small things all the time, the following are some effective tips to help you keep it under control- 

1. Think before you say anything

Anger Management

Anger causes you to lose logic and think rationally. In most cases, you land up saying things that you later regret. Make sure you take some moments to collect your thoughts before you speak. The same should also be given to others involved in the situation that has triggered the anger in you or in them.

2. Wait until you are calm to express your feelings especially anger

Anger Management

When you feel the emotions of anger subsiding, you are able to think rationally and clearly. Expressing frustration in an assertive and non-conventional manner will help you immensely. You should state your needs and concerns directly and clearly without hurting the other person or with the intention to control them. 

3. Exercise regularly


Physical activity helps you to reduce stress. It eliminates the causes of anger as well and helps you to focus better on your breathing. Do you know when you are angry, your breath becomes faster and shorter.  In case, you feel your anger escalating, go outside for a brisk run or work or spend some time with yourself doing activities you really enjoy. In short, go out and focus on getting the physical exercise you need. 

4. Take timeouts

Anger Management

Note timeouts are not only for children or toddlers. Adults need them too. Life is filled with stress and pressure. The rat-race seems never ending at times and this makes you lose your temper fast. You should give yourself short breaks during the different times of the day that tend to be very stressful. Just some moments of quiet time will help you to feel better and prepared to manage what lies ahead without being angry or irritated.  

5. Identify potential solutions


Instead of putting more focus on what really makes you made, work on resolving the problem at hand instead. For instance, does the messy room of your child drive you crazy? Take a minute to recompose yourself and close the door. Talk to your child if he/she is old enough to clean their rooms.


If you have small kids, make sure the room has a lot of spare space for them to play around. Do not keep too many things in their room. Teach them to put their toys away in the right places after play. Small kids learn fast and when praised by you will do these things to make you happy. So, the next time, you see a messy room of your child, refrain shouting at them and follow the above tip instead. 

Again, if your spouse or partner is always late for dinner in the evening, schedule the dinner at a later time. Eat alone for some days if he/she really cannot make it in time for dinner. Remind yourself always that anger never fixes anything and things will only get worse. 

These tips will help you control your anger with success. However, if you or someone you know closely has serious anger management issues, it is important for you to consult a therapist for help. There can be some underlying issues that might need professional counselling so never hesitate on booking an appointment for help. Leading an anger-free life is possible and you can focus better on your career, relationships and health with success!

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