Top 5 Business Books to Read for Start Up Entrepreneurs

top business books

Been watching Shark Tank recently and want to know more about businesses and start-ups? With rise in entrepreneurship and increase in start-ups, give yourself and your company an edge over others! The best way to succeed in business is to waste less time and work more. So waste less time making errors of your own and learn from others as is wisely said, “Life is too short to make mistakes of your own, learn from others.” Here are some of the top business books recommended to help you in your business journey.

1. How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company

By Varun Agrawal

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Peer pressure and ego clashes amongst Asian parents can put a lot of pressure on children, making them quitting their dreams. All their creative ideas and entrepreneur skills are put to test in order to overcome challenges by the family, then society and ultimately market! If you are afraid of what others will think about you, this is definitely a book you must read! Varun has an amazing storytelling skill that keeps you gripped until the end while also giving some valuable skills and lessons! Don’t miss reading this entrepreneurship business book to learn valuable business lessons. 

2. Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups

By Ashneer Grover

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Having claimed fame from “Yeh sab Doglapan hai!” meme from Shark Tank India Season1, Shark Ashneer decided to name his book the same! Right after the maiden season of the show launched, Ashneer’s life had sudden ups and downs that surrounded him in endless controversies, trolls, memes and praises! Well, just like his personality, the book is brutally honest and is definitely a must read for any entrepreneur or businessman looking for a genuine and honest advice. And of course, if you’ve watched him before and loved his attitude, you’ll probably read this book multiple times!

3. The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness

By Morgan Housel

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With his excellent narrating skills, Morgan keeps your interest throughout the book. It intrigues one’s psychology and makes them ponder upon what they define as successful? The target audience for the book is not just limited to business related individuals, but rather provides invaluable financial advice for all!

4. Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

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One of the most important things one requires to own a successful business is their own improvement and personal development. It is said that an entrepreneur that stops learning, stops earning! The book helps you develop a smart mindset that ultimately helps you grow rich (though it definitely does depend upon how much one is able to implement it 😉

5. Who Moved My Cheese?

By Spencer Johnson

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World is moving on at a great speed and there are rapid changes occurring. Different fads and changing trends can become overwhelming! Guess what? It’s not new! Spencer, in this evergreen book, draws an amazing parallel and gives valuable through a story on rats and cheese! Easy to read, understand and grasp, this book is a must read for you as well as your employees.

If you find reading books a boring activity or are struggling to develop reading habits, here are few simple ways for inculcating the amazing habit of reading into your daily routine.

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