10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore You Must Visit

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

Everyone around the globe knows the deliciousness or tastiness of vegetarian food world wide but sometimes it seems difficult to find pure vegetarian restaurants in the countries like Singapore. So, here we will make it easier for veggie lovers by itemizing the top vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

1. Whole Earth

best vegetarian restaurant in singapore

It is Peranakan Thai restaurant that makes spices of its own as they are connected to the nature which shows in their food as they serve delicious vegetarian thai food containing fried rice, thai curries, mushrooms, thai soups, noodels in the wooden pots. They attract tourist with their fresh grains, veggies and authentic vegetarian food.

2. New Fut Kai Vegetarian

best vegetarian restaurant in singapore

It serves delicious and unique Chinese vegetarian dishes. It has the most delightful sizzling food like noodles, soups with vegetarian hotpots. It will tantalize the taste buds of veggie lovers.

3. Elemen

best vegetarian restaurant in singapore

This restaurant serves the most flavourful vegetarian food like rojak fruit, quinoa salad, vegetarian pizzas. They also serve some great fried rice in a clay pot. They are the best restaurant in Singapore.

4. LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant

best vegetarian restaurant in singapore

They sell the classic Chinese vegetarian food since 1991. It has the best crispy and delicious vegetarian options including fried lotus roots, fresh veggie soups, noodles. One can have a hearty and most delicious cuisine here.

5. Green Common

Green Common

It is a plant based vegetarian food restaurant, which is revolutionizing food choices as they are completely vegan. They have the best plant-based protein food like plant-based burgers and pizzas, pastas which are flavourful to taste.

6. Warung Ijo

Warung Ijo

This restaurant serves the best Indonesian vegetarian as well as vegan food. They serve the best bakmi ayam, nasi lemak rendang and sweet potatoes along with tantalizing vegetarian Indonesian delights. They are known for revolutionising Indonesian food with the great taste.

7. VeganBurg


They sell grilled and delicious vegetarian burgers better than anywhere which tastes heavenly as they have fluffy buns with great veggies fillings inside. It is the most visited restaurant in Singapore.

8. Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

It is a food paradise of vegetarian restaurants singapore in Singapore which serves delightful vegetarian food like Sichuan popcorns with edamame, fried Hong Kong noodles and specially known for its steamboat buffet on Friday and Sunday.

9. Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

They serve the best of Asian, North Indian, and South Indian vegetarian food. You can choose from over 100 fast food items ranging from paneer fried rice to Hokkien noodles, samosa chaat, aalo-tikki chaat, paapdi chaat and dosa.

10. Sufood


They serve the popular fusion of Taiwan and Italian vegetarian food which consist of dishes like mushroom pita pocket, broccoli, and chickpea rice burger. Their decor is elegant and classy and one can have a memorable royal experience here.

You must give a shot to these food places while visiting Singapore. These places are heaven on earth for the vegetarian lovers and surely, they will have their best time there.

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