10 Super Foods with more Vitamin C than Orange

vitamin c foods

Vitamin C is a substance that is not prepared by our body on its own. It is consumed externally by adding Vitamin C-rich foods to the diet. It is a water-soluble compound generally present in various vegetables and fruits. This vitamin has a diversity of properties. It helps in enhancing the skin’s glow by keeping it hydrating for a longer period. It is also advisable to consume for boosting the immunity of the body which is the need of an hour. It also improves bones and teeth density. Below mentioned is a list of 10 superfoods that are low in calories but rich in Vitamin C content.

1. Chilli Peppers

vitamin c foods

Red Chilli pepper and yellow chilli pepper are richer in Vitamin C content. It contains 109 mg of Vitamin C. It also helps in reducing inflammation and pain in the body. Moreover, it helps in increasing the metabolism of the body which results in faster weight reduction.

2. Guavas

vitamin c foods

Guava comes from the native family of South America and Mexico. It contains a high Vitamin C content of about 126 mg due to the presence of antioxidant called lycopene. It also helps in improving cholesterol levels along with maintaining lower blood pressure.

3. Parsley

vitamin c foods

The herb which is easily available across the globe is also rich in Vitamin C content. Two tablespoons of finely crushed parley contain 10mg of vitamin. It is a non-heme and plant-based source of vitamin. Apart from Vitamin C content, it is also rich in iron and helps in reducing anemia. Hemoglobin level also increases by consuming two tablespoons of parsley for 100 days.

4. Mustard Spinach

vitamin c foods

This green leafy superfood contains a high amount of vitamin content. One cup of spinach contains 195 mg of Vitamin C and after cooking it reduces some vitamin content. After heating, 117 mg of vitamin content is left. It is advisable to use leaves of spinach in morning shakes and using them as a meal replacement for faster weight loss.

5. Kale


One of the most famous ingredients used in salads is kale. It is generally consumed by people who want to improve their gut health and boost their metabolism for faster waste loss. Apart from Vitamin C, it is also rich in zeaxanthin, carotenoid lutein, and Vitamin K. One cup of raw kale contains 80 mg of Vitamin C.

6. Kiwi


One of the tastiest superfoods comes from the fruit family namely Kiwi. A medium-sized kiwi has 75 mg of Vitamin C content. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol level, oxidative stress, and hence improves the immunity of an individual. It also helps in the skin rejuvenation process making it look more youthful.

7. Lemon


The superfood consumed to prevent scurvy is lemon. This tiny food item contains 85 mg of vitamin content. Not only the lemon extract is useful, but its outer peel has various benefits as well. Lemon extract is an anti-oxidant and helps in weight loss.

8. Broccoli


From the vegetable family, broccoli is mainly used in salads. It contains 51 mg of Vitamin C content. Alike cauliflower, it is also a rich protein source, especially for vegetarians. It is usually consumed after blanching or steaming. It helps in lowering stress, reducing cancer risk, and improves immunity.

9. Papaya


This superfood is low in calories and keeps the stomach full for a longer period. 145 grams of papaya contains 87 mg of vitamin C. It also helps in improving the digestive system and hence improves gut health. It has anti-inflammatory properties too.

10. Strawberries


One of the tastiest berries, namely strawberry is one of the best Vitamin C rich foods. 152 grams of strawberries contains 89 mg of content. It is a very good superfood for improving skin texture. It helps in keeping the skin glow and youthful. It also reduces the bad cholesterol level in the body. 

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