Top 5 Reasons To Remarry After Divorce

Remarry After Divorce

Getting a divorce is emotionally painful, but this does not mean that societal judgements and the opinions of others should stop you from finding happiness again! Remarrying again will give you a better bond than your failed marriage in the past, and today’s post gives you the top 5 reasons to remarry after divorce and find love again in your life!

1. Fall in love 

It is challenging for you to fall in love again, however, the past is gone. Not everyone is the same, so do not assume the next person who comes into your life will be similar to your ex. It is emotionally draining for you to trust again, however, you should give someone who loves you for what you are a chance. Do not push people away just because you are divorced. 

2. Give importance to your desires, never marry out of compulsion

Never fall prey to parental or societal pressures to remarry again- the key point here- there should be no compulsion. If you really want to, go ahead with the step. Always remember if you are excited about the other person, and wish to spend your life with him/her, remarry or else don’t. Your second marriage should revolve around comfort and love!

3. Be ready to be each other’s support 

Both of you should be willing to be each other’s support. There are several roles and responsibilities in a marriage- are you ready for them? The same holds true for the other person too. If both of you are on the same page, wedding bells should ring soon!

4. Future planning

Remarrying without financial compatibility is an immature decision. Moreover, if you have kids from the previous marriage, ensure your partner is ready to accept them in his/her life. Besides the expenses to run the home, there should be a commitment from both ends regarding monetary plans for the future, bearing the marital expenses, and support for emergencies that might suddenly arise. 

5. Ensure it is more than lust

Sex should not be the driving motive for remarriage. Physical intimacy is important however, it alone will not sustain your marriage. There are chances, it will break again! Ask yourself the following questions before marrying a person-

  • Are you comfortable with him/her?
  • Can both of you face and resolve conflicts together?
  • Do you enjoy each other’s company outside the bedroom? 

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before you remarry after divorce. 

Never get into a rebound marriage as this never works. Time is the best healer so allow yourself to recover fully from the failed marriage before you remarry someone again. Allow your close and trusted friends and family to know your new partner. If they see any red flags, listen to them. You have been bitten once, so make sure you remarry after everything is in place, and there is space for comfort, love, and happiness in the future!

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