How Do Couples Manage Age Difference When A Woman Is Older?

manage age difference

Does an age gap in a relationship or marriage really matter? There are innumerable cases where the man is much older in the relationship, and society accepts the match as “normal” these days. But what if the reverse takes place where the woman is the older one in a successful marriage like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas or Hugh Jackson or Deborra -Lee Furness, and many other older woman- younger men couples? Now, if you are a man interested in an older woman, how should you manage age difference successfully in the relationship? Today’s post will delve deep into this sensitive subject to give you some tips on how to make your relationship with your lady meaningful and beautiful.

Ignore the cougar jokes, if you are serious with her 

Ask yourself- are you serious or is it just a life fantasy whim? Introspect and brace yourself if you want to proceed ahead as there are many emotions involved, both mental and physical. Note, there are several misconceptions about dating or marrying an older woman on the Internet, so beware of them. Listen to your intuition and take your own time to decide carefully if you want to go ahead or not!

Meet her 

Generally, older women are “sorted” than their younger counterparts. They have a better sense of “who they are” and “what they want” as an individual. Remember, the above is just a generalization as age never determines maturity in any person, be it a man or woman. However, the truth is as women grow older, they gain self-assurance and are clear about their life goals. 

Sex Life 

 They tend to worry less about how they look so their self-esteem is higher when you are in bed with her. They are experienced, are less intimated than their younger peers , love to experiment with new positions, and are fun to be in with bed. Most women are in their sexual prime from the age of 30 onwards and this lasts throughout their 40’s and beyond- in short you can actually have the best sex of your life!

Never pursue an older woman just because of her age 

Do not pursue an older woman just to strike off something on your sexual fantasy bucket list. This act is certainly nothing for you to brag about. If you are genuinely interested in your lady and have a strong mental connection with her, only then proceed!

Reassure her 

Yes, your lady might not be comfortable and it can be challenging to manage age difference in the beginning, especially if it is a big one. With all that terrible cougar crap being regularly relayed in movies and television, get prepared to be rejected in the beginning.  The job to reassure her is yours. Tell her age is not important and you admire her for the qualities she holds. 

Gear up for rude questions and nasty comments 

Friends and family might not welcome your relationship moves with an older woman, especially if there is a major age gap. Brace yourself for rude comments and uncomfortable from people around you. Stereotypes exist and prying individuals will intrude into your life’s privacy. If they blast you with uncomfortable questions be ready to turn the tables around. You need a healthy and reciprocal relationship free from societal judgements, and if people are hostile with your decision, sever them out, if you can, for mental peace, not only for yourself but your lady love as well. 

Make sure both of you are on the same page about the relationship

She is the older woman and might have kids in the picture- are you ok with it and will you be ready to play the role of a step-father to them? There is another significant point to consider to manage age difference- an older woman might not want to have kids or unable to conceive due to her age- is this something you are ready for? 

Note, all of the above conversations need to take place between you and your lady love. Some topics are uncomfortable, but if you are really serious about her, talk to her and introspect as to whether you really want to spend the rest of your life with her or not- this will sure make you a better and sensitive man in the process!

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