How To Survive Relationship When One Partner Is More Successful?

Partner Is More Successful

When you are in a marriage when your partner (in most cases the woman) is more successful than you, there is no reason for you to feel insecure. Remember, that person loves you, and this is what will keep the bonding and trust going. However, if you still feel the pangs of botheration about why your partner is more successful than you, today’s post will give you some simple tips to keep the airs of insecurity at bay and make love the most important priority in your marriage. 

Control the main villain- EGO!

When ego starts to develop in the marriage, this is where things begin to take a nasty turn. Having a “more successful” partner does not mean that he/she is financially better off than you, it can also mean that the person might work at a better designation or be older than you. These are just some examples that might make you feel dominated and inferior ( this scenario is true especially for a man in the marriage). 

In most marriages, the man wants to be financially and physically stronger than the woman and the thought of being an “inferior” partner will make him become repulsive. Women are emotional by nature and so a man often finds it challenging to handle a strong woman who is financially independent and in a better position than the man. 

What should you do?

In such a scenario, it is important for you to remember the universal truth of any marriage or relationship – LOVE!

When two people truly love one another in a marriage, they care for each other and so getting affected by the success of the other person is a subject that can be easily resolved without calling it quits to the marriage!

Given below are some simple tips to survive in the marriage when your partner is more successful than you instead of being jealous of partners success.

1. Never get this issue inside your head

It does not really matter if you both love and care for one another truly. The reason why you are together is not for fame or money, but for love. So, dump all those negative thoughts and focus on how both of you can make memories together with the love and care you have in your heart for one another. 

2. Be happy with your own success

If both of you are working and financially independent, your incomes might vary but this does not mean that you should allow the pangs of jealousy and insecurity to creep up on you and take over your marriage. Always remember you are working in a position that you wanted, earning that amount of money that you deserve, and have made a career in a field that you like. However, the most important point here is money cannot buy happiness! It does not matter how much you earn as this does not define the success of a marriage, it is the moments that you spend together that are priceless!

3. Be happy and encourage your partner always

Be happy for your partner and never allow money take over the love for them. Every time this thought bothers, replace it with the emotions of love and happiness that make your home complete with them. Think of it like this, if a man earns more and brings money to the house, the situation will be no different if a woman does the same! Be proud of dating someone more talented than you!

4. Be there for your spouse

When your partner is busy at work and making more money than you, appreciate the fact that he/she is doing it for the family. Be there for your partner always so that when he/she comes home to you and the kids, there is nothing but only love, care, warmth and comfort! If your wife is more successful, support her open-heartedly instead of thinking why my wife is more successful than me. 

So, the next time, you feel inferior or jealous about the success of your partner in the marriage, keep the above tips in mind. Let wife earns more than husband or vide-versa thinking not enter in a successful partnership. Take a slow breath and release the negative feelings to replace them with love and respect for your spouse- you will notice the difference immediately and smile- all the best!

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