Here are 7 Effective Tips for How To Be Happy Alone

how to be happy alone

Many people fear the dreadful task of staying alone. They confuse being alone and feeling lonely. These two terms are not the same. Some people can even feel lonely in a crowd while others just love being in their own company and making the most of it. If you fear “alone” time, it’s mainly because you do not know how to be happy alone or what to do with yourself. You befriend others but have you really befriended “ yourself” ever to know the wonderful person you are? If you have, you no longer will fear spending time alone. Today’s post will help you with some effective ways that actually will make spending time with yourself a roller coaster ride of fun-stay tuned till the end.

Extroverts versus introverts 

In the Pandemic stricken world, the extroverts are the people struggling with their “alone” time. Yes, for one fond of people and social gatherings, the task of being self-isolated from your gang is tough. Though you have video calling apps to get you through, you still miss the happiness you get when you meet and hug your friends and family. The introverts are at least better off and some even say they are relieved spending time with themselves with no one around to disturb them. 

Therefore, if you are an introvert, you might not find alone time boring but you can at least help someone struggling with it with the ways that are about to be mentioned below. If you are an extrovert and dread “alone time”, this post is dedicated to you!

Being happy alone is possible. Let’s look at the ways on how to be happy alone below- 

1. Learn something new

The biggest reason why you feel unhappy alone is you actually do not know what to do with yourself.  When was the last time you learnt something, you liked? Guess it was ages ago. Utilize the free time you have and go on to learn something new. Dancing, singing, painting, calligraphy- the list is endless. Find something you can resonate with and enjoy spending time learning it. 

2. Stop the comparison 

how to be happy alone

Another big reason for being unhappy is comparison. Do you surf through your friend’s social media posts and compare your life to theirs? If you do, stop now. Remember, every person is unique and our paths are different. After all, we are not robots programmed to do the same thing, are we? If they have something good in their lives, so do you. Pause and introspect, you will find something you love and this will stop the comparison you resort to daily. It just leads to dejection, disappointment and a big waste of time!

3. Social media detox


read books

Social media platforms might be a boon for us however it has also made the world smaller. At a click of a button, you can connect with anyone and anywhere? But, do you always feel lifted up with time spent on social media or does it reinforce stress and anxiety about your future. Pause and think? In order to stay grounded and balanced, take a break from social media from time to time. Do something more productive- talk to your family, play with your pet, water your plants, read an intriguing book, sing to yourself or simply de-clutter your home. You will notice the difference right away!

4. Pamper yourself

Body Massage Benefits

Yes, after all you deserve it! Book a spa session for a massage or a nice facial. If you do not want to go out, have an aroma bath. Listen to your favorite songs, light some scented candles around the house and dim the lights. In short, relax and see how rejuvenating it can be for your senses!

5. Stay active

Endorphins are important and in case you do not know what they are- they are the feel-good hormones that increase with activity. So, hit the gym, jog, or simply go for a walk around the neighborhood. These neurotransmitters are instantly released from your brain and you feel happy and productive!

6. Spend time with nature

Indoor Plants



Look around at the nature that surrounds you. Look at the trees, the flowers and plants that exist near you. You might have been so busy with your life in the past that you never did notice them anyway. Now, it is the time for you to look at nature and see how astonishing it is. Spending time with nature reduces blood pressure and depression. Nature is a silent teacher and you never know what you might discover about yourself when you spend time with it! Get your hands at some gardening activities to feel relaxed.

7. Attitude of gratitude

how to be happy alone

Appreciate the things and people you are grateful. Stop counting your sorrows- count your blessings instead. You will be surprised to see they outnumber your sorrows if you introspect and think deeply. Meditation and mindfulness take you within. You will discover yourself and the amazing being you are. You can appreciate the good in you and remind yourself that what you want or seek is all within- all you need is a positive attitude and trust in yourself!

Therefore, the next time, you struggle with how to be happy alone, keep the above in mind. Miraculously you will find a surge in happiness. Moreover, you can also share them with your friends and family so that they too can rediscover the joys of being alone and staying happy too.

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