Zomato Gold Delivery is a fraudulent app. Don’t Use Zomato Delivery services.

Please read this post if you use Zomato Gold Delivery services or plan to use in future. With a huge platform like Zomato, I will get good support and services but soon realized that it was all an assumption.

I am an avid internet user and use all kinds of apps for online food, clothes, grocery, electronics and medicines delivery. The convenience provided by these online delivery apps is simply un-matchable especially if you are busy with other commitments! No more going and standing inside the shops and restaurants, waiting for the order to get ready and billed.

However, my first experience with one of the leading food delivery app was HORRIBLE.

To begin with, after using apps like amazon, myntra, flipkart etc I was expecting the similar kind of user friendly interface with Zomato.

I was ordering donuts for my kids Sunday party, so went and selected his desired donuts from the Zomato app. Selected the promo code for the discount and clicked on proceed.

Woo!!! Oder Placed….No confirmation of address or about or anything and my linked account was deducted. I was shocked and didn’t know what was ordered for what amount and what was the landing address.

However I was sure that with a huge platform like Zomato, I can get good support. There the actual story started. Called the numbers being displayed and was told that it was restaurant’s number and not Zomato’s customer care number. Went to the support option in the app and there was only a ‘Chat’ option there. So started a chat and look below of the so called support they provide. They actually don’t even allow cancelling order without a charge and are vary short of any solutions. Definitely my worst online experience with this non-functioning app cheating customers in name of offers that don’t work!!



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