Top 10 Essential Gardening Tools List

Essential Gardening Tools

A good workman never blames his tools, but bad tools can certainly make your life more difficult than it is supposed to be. Sometimes even for a seasoned gardener, maintaining your garden can be a tough job. Purchasing quality tools and keeping them well-maintained, helps you keep your garden looking at its best, with minimal fuss and lesser sweat perspired. These tools have survived for generations, because they WORK! So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the top ten essential gardening tools on our list.

1. Gardening Gloves

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Gardening gloves have to be on top of your garden tools list. Honestly, if you are new to this, you can probably understand why using quality gardening gloves is critical. Though some beautiful plants look harmless, they can leave your hands sore and irritated. That’s where gloves become your armour!

2. Hand Towel

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The hand towels are amazing for transplanting bedding plants and herbs, planting containers, and taking out weeds. You cannot complete your garden tools kit without a hand trowel. When it comes to planting containers, transplanting bedding plants, and digging up tough weeds, nothing can come closer to a hand towel

3. Rake

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Rake is one of the often left behind essential gardening tools using which is indeed the best way to clear leaves, rocks, and twigs from your lawn before planting. When you are done with clearing the surface a rake helps breaking up soil and levelling out beds. You can find various rakes in different sizes.

4. Spade

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Digging the ground for plants, edging the beds or lawns, dividing shrubs, or moving small amounts of dirt – a spade is always at your service! It is among the most functional tools used in gardening.

5. Shovel

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Talking about essential garden hand tools, and not mentioning shovels, doesn’t seem right! From digging the surface, adding compost or soil, to the removal of weeds and other debris, a shovel is a great all-purpose gardening tool. A multi-talented garden tool indeed!

6. Watering Wand

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Give your plants a mild shower with a water-breaking wand. The longer reach is also helpful to get to out-of-the-way containers, hanging plants, or the back edges of borders. These come in a variety of lengths, from 10 to 48 inches.

7. Garden Hose

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Water is the elixir of your garden’s life and it’s important that your garden hose can reach and spray every area. There’s definitely nothing more convenient than a hose for watering the garden. There are three basic hose diameters: ½-inch, 5/8-inch and ¾-inch. An adjustable nozzle also puts you in control of water pressure and the spray radius.

8. Digging Fork

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One of the essential gardening tools, known for its versatility, digging fork, needs to be on your list. A digging fork comes in handy when you need to loosen compacted soil, incorporate compost into garden beds, and to aerate lawns.

9. Pruning Shears

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Pruners are a general-purpose, go-to garden cutting tool ideal for trimming and shaping plants and shrubs. It is used to remove dead growth; so, it also helps in beautifying the garden. One must understand that pruners are mostly perfect for trimming stems of up to about ½ inches. If you want to trim bigger branches, you may need to go for loppers.

10. Wheel Barrow

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If your backyard has extra soil to be moved around, compost or dirt that needs to be added to garden beds, or any other heavy lifting and moving object, a wheelbarrow can help you haul hundreds of pounds!

There are many other tools that we could have included within our list; but we feel that these 10 are the most essential tools you’ll need to make light work of your garden chores. Many other tools might be handy to have, but mostly they only see the light of day once, and then end up at the back of the shed.

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