Best Security Tips for Office

  1. Any observations in physical security that may compromise sensitive information, put people at risk or make you feel unsafe should be immediately reported to the Help Desk. Some examples are:
    • Any doors or windows leading to sensitive areas left open or unlocked
    • Anyone hanging around a secured door or is attempting to follow someone into secured space without authenticating themselves
  2. Attempts by unauthorized people to gain access to secure office space without completing the visitor registration process

  3. Anyone inside the office facilities without an ID or visitor badge
  4. Visitors observed unescorted in the office space as visitors should always be accompanied in the premises
  5. Any lost or stolen access badge, employee or visitor that allows access to the building should be immediately reported to the security/facility team.
  6. Receipt of any suspicious or unintended packages
  7. Client files or other sensitive material that appear abandoned (e.g. left in a office space you have reserved)
  8. Any suspicious unattended items, such as a backpack, luggage, or package that you see left in a public place.
  9. If you think you’ve accidentally fallen for a phishing email and given away your username and password or installed what might be malware, you should report that as well so that steps can be taken to correct the problem.
  10. If you think you’ve received a social engineering call from someone attempting to manipulate you into giving away sensitive information, gather as much information as you can, such as the person’s name and telephone number and report it right away.

  11. If a laptop, smartphone, or tablet that can access workplace information is lost or stolen, you should report it as soon as you can so that IT staff can attempt to disable access to workplace information and if necessary, remotely wipe out data on the device.
  12. Reporting the loss of any sensitive or confidential information, such as personally identifiable information like names, addresses, and dates of birth, is incredibly important. We are obligated by our own policies, as well as laws and contracts to ensure this kind of information always stays secure.
  13. You should report any violation of our acceptable use policies, such as any harassment via email or the transmission or retransmission of inappropriate content. 
Be Smart!! Stay Secure!!

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