How a hacked device is valuable to hackers

Countless people consider that cyber criminals are only penetrating for financial information. But hacked or compromised device gives the criminals a lot further than mere credit card numbers, account numbers and banking passwords.
When questioned people we often question that “What could hackers possibly gain from their device?”
This article clarifies why hackers are hunting for your device and what could they potentially gain from it if successful access is acquired.
A compromised device gives hackers access to your emails, contacts, local data and account credentials. In addition, an infected PC can be used by cyber criminals as a part of their army in the form of botnets to further launch phishing and malware attacks.
The following diagram depicts the cost of damages that can be incurred from a hacked or compromised device.
This post intends to raise awareness about the value of a hacked device from a cyber criminal perspective in terms of personal data, reputation, money and resources that are put at risk when users neglect to properly safeguard their devices.

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