Homestay Or Hotel. Which Is Better And Why?

Homestay Or Hotel

The latest years show an exponential surge in global tourists and myriad options for accommodations. Backpackers are still on the line for their next holiday. The most common question that arises among backpackers on accommodations is what is right for them— homestay or hotel. Most probably, the majority of you might consider budget as the driving factor behind the decision, is it? Let us make it easier for you to choose the right accommodation between a Homestay Or Hotel.

Pros of staying in homestays

The basic is— homestays always offer a personal touch during your vacation. Maximum hosts treat you like a family member. Sometimes they might invite you to a local wedding or function, don’t you long for such a lifelong experience? Yes, it is the way homestays are. If you have booked a villa or holiday home, you can invite friends to throw a party. Can’t you imagine the extent of the fun? 

Maximum Hosts are driving towards fulfilling your needs. Ranging from feeding your pets to taking extra care of you, hosts are ready to show their warm nature. 

1. Act like a local

Oftentimes, hosts may act as a local guide if you are quick to show friendliness. They are really knowledgeable about the region and can give advice or tips no tour desk can offer. With their personal guidance, you can explore the region like a local to a great extent. For instance, if you happen to visit Assam, you’ll have a chance to loiter around dispersed tea plantations— when the host lights upon the cycle of tea making.

2. Taste local cuisines

This is a big plus if you are a foodie. Unlike hotel stays, which usually lack the input of the local food, may get you bored binging the same dish continuously. By staying in a homestay, you can anticipate authentic food on your plate each week— with little exception. 

3. Get more than you paid for

Unlike hotels, homestays tend to have more space— you are not paying for the room, you are paying for the area. The entire house is yours including the swimming pool and playground. You can chill out swimming in the pool, and relax in the garden for a slow holiday experience.

Cons of staying in homestays


1. Expect the unexpected

Detailed research is necessary when booking a homestay because they may not adjust your preference occasionally. Some homestays add a single picture which makes it hard to decide on it. However, some pictures are really deceptive— the homestay is exactly the opposite of the display picture. You can make this process smooth by going through homestay comparison sites like These sites show you reliable homestays with their keen inspections and taking care of core parameters

2. Lack of amenities 

Most of the homestays lack amenities than maximum hotels offer e.g room service, buffet meals, etc. For a one-time experience, these things are quite enough to make your holiday lavish. But for casual backpackers, such amenities are often fed up too soon. For them, the best experience comes from holidays when you mingle with locals, taste local foods, and get absorbed into their culture or tradition.

Pros of staying in a hotel 


1. No self-cook food

Staying in a hotel, you are going to miss mom’s food, and you can not cook food even if you want to. Just order from the menu and your meal is ready— beauty of staying in a hotel. 

2. Housekeeping 

Ready to spend your holiday like a lazy ass. Pay a hefty tip to the housekeeper for making beds and vacuuming and keep your room as tidy as you like. 

3. Concierge

Concierge is always there for you to ease unforeseen hurdles. Just contact them once you reach your room and they will take care of your kids, recommend adequate restaurants, and so on. 

4. Wide range of amenities

Hotels are not meant to get sleep! Some hotels have gyms, spas, swimming pools, libraries, and golf courses — simply experience them. Additionally, some hotels offer rental cars, airfare, and discounts to explore local attractions. 

Cons of staying in hotels


1. Expensive

Hotels are usually more expensive than homestays— especially if you are planning to stay with your family or are low on budget. To be honest, treatments or spaces are provided based on your price. 

2. Privacy issue

Depending on the hotel or destination, sharing rooms with other guests seems to threaten your privacy wherein two share the same bathroom and like a lot. Some hotels have poor soundproofing— your talks are being heard from adjacent rooms or balconies. 

3. Crowded

Hotels are usually crowded during peak season. You may not find it comfortable to share a pool with other guests or wait in line at the reception. 


It is really up to you what accommodations you prefer. Both have ups and downs. To sum up, If you are tight on your budget, you may consider a homestay. On the flip side, if you are privileged, you are good to select hotels. It is safe to say that homestays are better for personal touch rather than hotels, where everything is commercialized

Staying at homestays, you have the freedom to bend your holiday as per your preference.

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