Top 7 Reasons Why Partners Cheat In Relationships?

Why Partners Cheat

Relationships can be tough but if your partner cheats on you, it is prudent for you to walk out immediately as you deserve better! When it comes to cheating partners, do you know why a person lands up doing it? Well, if you don’t today’s post will give you an insight into the 7 top reasons why partners cheat in relationships, so stay with us till the end to find out.

So, what causes a person to cheat in a marriage? Let us take a look at 7 top reasons for why partners cheat in relationships.

1. Anger and revenge

Sometimes a partner might cheat on a relationship as an act of revenge or anger. For instance, if one of the partners flirts or even cheats with a friend, the other starts to cheat too as a payback. Other causes of anger or revenge induced cheating are-

  • Frustration when one of the partners does not understand the other’s need 
  • Anger directed towards a partner who never is around 
  • Anger at a partner for not contributing to the relationship 
  • Frustration or anger post an argument 

2. One falls out of love

Often that dopamine rush that you get when you fall in love dies out after some time. The passion, excitement, and the exhilaration of the starting phrase of any relationship generally fades for some people. Once this feeling of love dies, you realize that it was never really love, after all!

3. Sexual desire 

For some individuals, cheating is just the result of a sexual desire even if they already are in a fulfilling marriage. Some of the key causes of this kind of cheating are- 

  • The wish to experience something new 
  • Unsatisfactory sex with the partner 

Again, there are some people who are always interested in sex and so they might just look for an opportunity to do so without any cause. 

4. Not feeling appreciated

If one of the partners feel that the other does not love, respect or value them, they look for these qualities elsewhere. There are some times, when one of the partners have not been neglected by the other but an unrealistic expectation often makes them cheat. Other reasons could be sexual or emotional needs that are not met. 

5. Absence of commitment

Individuals with commitment issues are most likely to cheat regularly in relationships. This could be because they have a distorted vision of commitment or they simply wish to avoid commitment. Some key reasons for commitment- induced infidelity are as follows- 

    • Difference when it comes to the nature of the relationship, for instance, exclusive, casual, etc. 
    • A fear of commitment even when they love their partners deeply
    • Wanting a safe way out of the marriage 
    • Absence of interest for a long-term commitment 

6. Situational factors 

Cheating often is the result of a situation where a person is placed in, for instance, getting drunk with a co-worker and later having sex. Some other factors can include-

  • A feeling of low self-esteem
  • Long-distance relationship 
  • Being on vacation 
  • Desire for physical comfort post a distressing event 
  • Working in an environment where a lot of physical touching is involved, for instance, massage palors.

7. Self- esteem

The wish to improve self esteem often results in cheating in a marriage. Getting sexual attention from another person often makes a person feel confident, attractive and empowered. 

From the above, it is evident that the main causes of infidelity in a marriage is due to unmet needs and both partners need to put in effort to communicate and set boundaries in their relationships to avoid cheating on the other. Though it is easier said than done, effort and love on behalf of both the partners to the marriage should be equal to make the marriage work without distrust or infidelity!

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