7 Best Netflix Series Every Woman Must Watch Once


Netflix is getting popular among tribes for its diverse content. It homes 100+  web series that show female protagonists more profoundly than ever before— sometimes as a superwoman to conquer immorality or a passionate woman committing to reach her goal. No matter what sort of audience you are, you’ll find series that match your taste. Here are the 7 best Netflix series every woman must watch once on their weekends.

1. The Queen’s Gambit

The Queens Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is based on an intelligent woman, who drives an extreme passion for chess and lives her life in an orphanage. Who also backs trophies for her excellency. The protagonist, played by Anya Taylor Joy, is extremely realistic that you’d pace up with the same rollercoaster ride of her aspirations and victory. You must, as a woman, binge it right away. 

IMDB ratings: 8.6/10

Released date: October 23, 2020

No. of seasons: 1

2. What if

Best Netflix Series Women

Renée Zellweger’ starrer What if shows the angel as well as witch of women. She predominantly played the character ‘Anne Montgomer’ with no mercy. She acted as a venture capitalist who is on her ride to win her business deals. In many of the scenes, you’ll envy her heinous appearance, and in others, as a strong woman (who is trying harder to steal her husband). 

IMDB ratings: 7.4/10

Released date: 11 August 2021

No. of seasons: 1

3. The politician

Best Netflix Series Women

The politician debuts Ryan Murphy’s first production for Netflix. It has hit the spotlight on Hollywood icons, especially Jessica Lange. The series revolves around a teen named Payton Hobart (played by Ben Platt), who is obsessed to be the president of the US. The twist is how his grandmother, played by Jessica Lange, poisoned her own blood relatives to accomplish his dream. Filled with suspense and horror, the series can be finished within the weekend.

IMDB ratings: 7.5/10

Released date: September 27, 2019

No. of seasons: 2

4. Unbelievable

Best Netflix Series Women

Acted by Kaitlyn Dever, Toni Collette and Merritt Wever, Unbelievable tells the story of a rape victim and how the authority mishandled it. Simultaneously, the story shows similar rape cases in a few states that are investigated by two female detectives. This crime series should be included on your weekend’s watchlist.

IMDB ratings: 8.4/10

Released date: September 13, 2019

No. of seasons: 1

5. Gilmore Girls

Best Netflix Series Women

It tells the story of the mother and daughter of Gilmore who have inherently fast talkers, craving junk food and being supportive to each other. Basically, it is a family drama that showcases the intricate bond between mother and daughter.

IMDB ratings: 8.2/10

Released date: 5 October 2000

No. of seasons: 7

6. Girlboss

Best Netflix Series Women

Girlboss is a series that every aspiring woman entrepreneur must binge on their weekend. The series is based on real Nasty Gal, an online retailer. The series tells the story of Sophia Amorus who aspires to be a fashion designer despite her never-ending challenges. The series shows the highs and lows of living in a city, dating in your 20s, daily hurdles— everything that happens in our younger age. It is a limited series for adding humour and an inspiring dose to your weekend.

IMDB ratings: 7/10

Released date: 21 April 2017

No. of seasons: 1

7. New Girl

New Girl

The multi-starrer, New Girl, is a series relating to younger age. The story tells about a new girl named Jess who had a brutal breakup lately and moves into an apartment with three single men. It showcases parties, dating and growing up. Ultimately, it is a heartwarming series for women to relate to.

IMDB ratings: 7.7/10

Released date: 20 September 2011

No. of seasons: 7

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