How Can You Easily Improve Your Communication Skills In 30 Days?

Improve Communication Skills

Can you improve your English- speaking skills in 30 days? Seems impossible? 

Not Really!

You can boost your English- speaking skills in 30 days with just some simple yet powerful tips that this post will reveal to you today. So, stay tuned till the end!

Breaking the speaking English language barrier 

Do you know that the major obstacle to you speaking fluent English is your mind- yes, your monkey mind who tells you are not good enough! There is always scope for improvement when you start to learn English and whatever standard or level you are in right now can be upgraded and improved in just 30 days. Will -power is the key to do so make sure, you stop listening to the negative naysaying mind and be determined to get to the next level. 

Identify the level you are in now

There are three levels in language fluency, and they are the basic, intermediate and advanced. Determine the level you are in right now to reach to the next one. If you cannot evaluate your English-speaking levels, you can always go in for an assessment test with a good teacher. You may be asked to take a Viva Test where a topic is given to you to speak on. This simple test will determine the present levels of Spoken English you are at right now and help to improve your communication skills.

Follow these 5 powerful tips to improve your communication skills

Once you have determined the level of speaking English you are at, keep the following tips in mind-

1. Read daily

Yes, reading does wonders when it comes to speaking English or for that matter any language. You can work with your vocabulary, fluency, sentence construction, articulation, intonation and confidence when you read. Choose books to match your levels of English. In case, you do not have books or do not wish to buy them, read blogs. In case, you do not have access to the Internet, read the newspaper. 

In short, read daily. An exercise of reading for just 30 minutes a day will help you. 

2. Listen for pronunciation

Every word should be pronounced correctly. In case, you are not sure about the correct pronunciation of a word. You should listen to English news and in case, you need to practice the word’s pronunciation, go to Google and type in the word with the keyword “pronunciation”. You will hear the audio pronunciation of the word and this will help you speak it correctly. 

3. Practice speaking English in front of a mirror

This is a great exercise for boosting your body language and confidence. Look at yourself and choose a topic that you can speak on for one to two minutes. If finding a topic is tough, take a text and read it, and then explain the summary of the text to yourself. In the beginning it might seem tough, but do not lose hope. Trust me, it gets better with time!

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4. Small talk

Excel in small talk. Note, small talk generally comprises of short yet powerful sentences. Make sure you use short but correct sentences when you speak in English. You can always add the conjunctions of “add” and “but” to add two small sentences to make them into a single one. In short, master the small sentences and see the wonders it makes to your grammar and sentence construction. 

5. Speak in English with your family and friends regularly

Get others to join you on your endeavor, learning in groups are fun. In fact, you will be surprised to know many people want to learn how to speak in English fluently but are too shy to admit it. Get them on board however, even if you do not have anyone to practice, do not worry, stick to reading and practicing with yourself in front of the mirror.

These are just some very simple but extremely powerful tips to improve your communication skills in just 30 days. Be consistent, and by the end of the month, you will see a remarkable improvement, so all the best!

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