Top 10 Luxury Travel Experiences in India You Must Not Miss!

luxury travel india

The latest years showed luxury doesn’t mean simply staying at luxury hotels, resorts, cruises, or having the most anticipated spa— there’s more to it. This is what actually proved in India. In a nutshell, luxury travel in India is a combination of its raw culture that is filled with utmost comfort. 

Now’s your time to experience the lifestyle of Royal Indians— like the rajas and maharajas. Warn you that some experiences may be costlier than you imagine. Be ready! So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the top 10 luxury travel in India experiences you must not miss!

1. Maharajas Express 

India luxury travel

Yes, you are going to feel like a Maharaja when you are traveling in this express. It is among the world’s top 25 trains. It has lavished on board accommodations and surreal royal dining. It covers cities and villages in India and operates between October and April.

2. Palace on Wheels

Luxury Travel India

It is India’s first luxury train, which will give you a regal royal Rajasthani feel as it is fully furnished with historic miniatures, paintings, and mirror works. It is utterly royal and contains the most delicious Rajasthani cuisine. It covers cities in India and operates between September and April.

3. Mahabaahu Cruise

Luxury Travel India

This is one of the most lavish cruises in India charting through the Brahmaputra River with unmatched luxury experiences. It has a mesmerizing royal interior which consists of salons, pools, restaurants, and balconies. One can explore the culture and heritage of North East India.

4. Oberoi Vrinda Cruise

India CruiseThis cruise offers the most luxurious experiences of the beauty of South India and sails through Kerala. This cruise is the most romanticizing and royal travel experience in India as it offers dinner under the starlit sky, cultural performances, and 24/7 personal butlers.

5. Floating palace

Floating palace

It is situated in the middle of the surreal lake which is Pichola lake, Udaipur. This palace will give you wholesome Rajasthani vibes in their food, culture, vintage cars, etc. One can live their best life here with the majestic pleasures.

6. Balloon Riding above the Pink City

Balloon Riding

It is one of the most exotic rides in Rajasthan, India. One can explore the glorious places of Jaipur right from the sky and capture the beauty of the pink city in their eyes forever.

7. Houseboat Tour to Explore Kashmir

Houseboat Tour Kashmir

Houseboats are the most luxurious, unique travel experiences which offer a stay in the middle of lakes with great food and amazing comfort. It will make you explore the beauty of Kashmir with the most surreal experiences. Kashmir houseboat experience is also the top on our honeymoon destinations list in India.

8. Private Yacht in Goa 

Private Yacht Goa

It is an exciting experience in India where one can explore the beauty of the seas with the calming blue water through a luxurious ride and can celebrate their special moments.

9. Taj Umaid Bhawan

Taj Umaid Bhawan

Umaid Bhawan offers the best royal rides in their vintage cars, and horse rides, and offers food in royal thali which seems attractive.

10. Kerala Backwaters

Kerala backwaters

Houseboats in Kerala are bigger and have the most luxurious stays along with delicious south Indian food. The black water cruise is the ultimate tourist spot because of its beauty. 

You must experience these luxury travel in India once in your life to know more about the beauty, royalty, and richness of India’s heritage. Make them a part of your travel bucket list today!

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