Cybercrime Alert: Hackers Sending Excel Spreadsheets with Covid-19 Data to Spread Malware [With Samples]

As the entire world is hit by the Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic, hackers have successfully devised a new phishing campaign to take advantage of the pandemic.

Microsoft has tweeted the following caution on  regarding the Covid-19 targeted phishing campaign using legitimate remote access tool for gaining unauthorized access to victim’s system.


As we write this article, our team has also have received working samples concerning this Microsoft Coronavirus phishing targeted cyber attack

Covid-19 Excel Phishing Samples

Identifying a Phishing Fraud:

  1. Email Methods
    • Subject Line enticing to take quick action
    • Spoofed sender addresses
    • Genuine Looking Content
  2. Web Site Methods
    • Misleading hyperlinks
    • Exact replica of the genuine website
    • Forms asking for all account/card related information including PIN and transaction password
    • Incorrect URL, Often appearing similar to the genuine website
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