Cybercrime Alert: Hackers Sending Excel Spreadsheets with Covid-19 Data to Spread Malware [With Samples]

As the entire world is hit by the Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic, hackers have successfully devised a new phishing campaign to take advantage of the pandemic. Microsoft has tweeted the following caution on  regarding the Covid-19 targeted phishing campaign using legitimate remote access tool for gaining unauthorized access to victim's system. Read More

Top 5 Most Downloaded Free Antivirus for Android for 2020

Know Top 5 Most Downloaded Free Antivirus for Android for 2020. A good antivirus for android shall keep the phone protected from viruses, Trojans and other kinds of mobile malware. It will also provide safeguard against known malicious website and prevent them from downloading any other threats like spyware or add improper app permissions. Read More

Portable USB Devices and their cyber security risks

Cyber security risks have always been concerning for portable devices, however these modern devices provide the power of computation in addition to exiting storage capabilities thus complicating the  job of security folks. Know about the Cyber Security risks associated with portable devices and Recommended practices to minimize these risks. Read More