5 Grooming Tips For Women Over 40

Grooming Tips for Women

Forties, people say is now the new twenties, and so if you are a woman, feel proud that you have reached this milestone with success. When it comes to style and fashion, it is time to pamper yourself like never before to bring out the shining diva in you and dazzle everyone’s life with your presence. Read on to know the top grooming tips for women. 

Remember, style and fashion have no hard and fast rules. So, you should be comfortable with your looks and image. Embrace yourself the way you are, even with your imperfections. Everyone is unique, so do not stress yourself out trying to be somebody else. Stick to a balanced diet and exercise daily for a healthy mind and body with success!

 Let us now look at the best grooming tips for women that work for you above the age of 40 years- 

1. Hair, nails and skin care 

Devote time to your hair and skin. No matter how busy you are, you need some “me time” to relax and pamper yourself during the day and night. The main problem with women is that they devote all their time and energy to others, however neglect themselves. Loving yourself first is the key to happiness and this is why the first step to grooming starts with your skin and hair. 

For getting glowing and radiant skin, you do not have to go in for expensive treatments at the salon. There are homemade or kitchen remedies available that are powerful and free from any chemical side effects. Aloe vera gel from the plant, curd, honey, milk, tomato juice, lemon juice, gram flour or besan , etc can be used in face packs and masks. 

You can check YouTube or the Internet to get DIY remedies for your skin type. You can do the same for your hair. Do not keep your hair long, if you cannot maintain it. Visit a hair stylist to get the right hair as per the shape of your face, and regularly look after your hair at home. Avoid heat and harsh styling products, look for natural remedies instead. 

Your nails should be clean and maintained well. Many women overlook the importance of nail hygiene. Get a pedicure and manicure done every once in a while. Apply nail polish that suits the event and do not overdo it. 

2. Make up

Personal grooming does not mean that you apply loads of make-up to cover your flaws. Follow a simple routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing for your skin. Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen protection every time you step out in the sun. 

Use a good foundation and apply it evenly on your face. Mascara helps you to make your eyes bigger and brighter. When it comes to lipsticks, neutral shades go best with you during the day. In the evening for informal events and parties, you can go for darker hues. Remember, natural and minimal make up will enhance your appearance and grace. 

Use products from good and trusted brands ideal for mature skin. Make sure you moisturize your skin well, before you apply make- up. Always remove make up before you sleep and have a regular night-time routine to wake up to radiant and hydrated skin the next morning. 

3. Dress sensibly

One of the most essential and needless to say grooming tips for women. Remember the clothes you wear should complement the shape of your body. They should be clean and ironed well. If you are not sure as to what dress suits your body type, there are several free credible resources online to help you out. For example, if you have an apple-shaped body, your arms and legs will be shapely and long.

 So, wear clothes that highlight your best features and covers the mid-section of your body that tends to be heavy. Layers work well on you. Likewise, find out the best clothes for you if you have a pear-shaped, hour-glass body type, etc. Your attire should fit the event and make you confident.

4. Smell fresh

This is an important tip for all women and not just for those above the age of 40 years. You must smell fresh all the time. Invest in good perfumes and deodorants that have a pleasant and not a pungent smell. Test the fragrance before you buy it so that you know how you smell to others. Make sure the perfumes you buy are not pungent. 

5. Shoes 

Choose shoes that are comfortable for you to walk in. If you can pull off high-heels, be careful when it comes to walking on uneven roads. Pencil heel shoes can be risky, opt for platform heels or wedges instead if you need to stand or walk a lot. Sneakers are great for walking long distances so avoid pumps, sandals and other shoes that might cause your feet to get blisters or ache. 

Your shoes should be clean and polished for creating good impressions. Choose the right shoes for your daily routine, you are able to find many trendy flats to match your outfits successfully. 

Being 40 is wonderful phase in your life, so live it in the fullest looking amazing, healthy and radiant. Stay positive and wear a smile on your face always and try our suggested Grooming Tips for Women!

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