10 Best Gaming Websites Every Gamer Should Follow

best gaming websites

Are you an avid gamer? Do you follow multiple websites to fulfil your gaming adventures? Then you are at the right stop! Today, with a burst of gaming websites around the web, finding useful ones is a task. In this article, we have handpicked the 10 best gaming websites that every gamer should know about. So, let’s get into it. 

1. GameSpot

Best gaming websites

GameSpot is a paradise for every gaming lover! The blog comprises every detail that happens around the world of games. What’s more? The website also allows readers and members to share their feedback, thoughts and ideas. 

2. Destructoid

best gaming websites

With a plethora of gaming blogs available today, it can get quite repetitive or boring. However, here is where Destructoid stands out. Here is where you can find all the interesting information related to the gaming world. In addition to the video material, you can find a section on communities blogs, movies and more. 

3. ThatVideoGameBlog

Best Gaming Websites

This is another standout gaming blog that is a must-have for all gaming lovers! If you are into gaming, then you need to bookmark this website. ThatVideoGameBlog provides readers with the latest news and information relevant to the gaming industry. Besides, the blog has a simple design which makes them an easy read. 

4. Gaming Debugged


This website is for anyone who loves anything games. Previously known as Debug Design, Gaming Debugged website is one of the top choices for gamers. Alternatively, it is also suitable for videographers, game developers, and online players. Furthermore, even beginner game designers can make the most of the blog. 

5. Siliconera


If you wish to get a deeper insight into the world of gaming, then we highly recommend using Siliconera. These blogs are rich in quality research and information. Though these blogs have lengthy articles, they ensure to explain their content well. It is totally worthy of a visit. 

6. TechRaptor


The next top gaming website on the list is TechRaptor. Another mention worthy website for gaming lovers! This website offers you a wide range of information regarding games. So, if you are a budding gamer, these blogs are a must check out. 

7. Steam


When it comes to digital gaming, then Steam has always been on the top. This website allows you to stay in touch with your gaming buddies. Also, the website has new offerings recently for its members. Here, you also have the option to purchase digital games as well. 

8. N4G

best gaming websites

Every single day, there is a vast majority of information written about the gaming world. This can be too much information to absorb for any gaming lover. Hence, we recommend you bookmark the N4G website. Here, you can find only relevant gaming information without overloading. 

9. Giant Bomb


If you are a gaming lover, then we recommend following the Giant Bomb. This website has everything a gamer would look for. It also allows you to search wiki by characters, people, platforms and more. 

10. IGN


Are you looking for the best place for a gamer? Then IGN is where you need to be. This game review website has every piece of information about the gaming world. It offers quality reviews and news for gaming lovers from all over the world! 


So, here we come to the end of this amazing top 10 list. We hope that you like our list of the top 10 gaming websites that every gamer should follow. Do let us know your feedback and lovely suggestions! 

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