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Body wash

We all love the experience of having a bath with our favourite soaps and body washes. Bathing is not just a hygiene activity but rather a complete rejuvenation experience. I personally make sure that every weekend is devoted to a soothing bathing experience with warm water to feel great throughout the week.

There are numerous brands of body washes and bath gels available in the market today. Exclusive brands like victoria secrets and bath and body have great products in this range but very pricey. So, might not be a good for frequent usage and we tend to look for economical options. Thats when I came across the Body Shop shower gels!!

The Body Shop range of body washes and bath gels is amazing and that too at the cost of 349 only. Have tried many variants till now and all of them were good. However, favourites are always there and here too. So, basis my experience, I recommend the following variants that you will simply love and thank me later for the ultimate experience.

1. The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel

This one comes first on my list. Its a really nice smell and moisturising on your skin. Just love the subtle fragrance. Its not overpowering. If you like strongly scented body wash like Nivea or Palmolive, you may find it a little disappointing. It lathers well so you will be all clean and happy 🙂

2.The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel

Just try and feel it. The gentle scent and the quality. It makes feel fresh and skin remain smooth. Cleans well, good to the skin and smells wonderful. With great ingredients like Argan oil know for their skin benefits, this one is sure value for money.

3.The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Calming and Caring Bath Milk

If you like nice creamy texture for bash wash instead of gels, this one is for you. Scent is sweet and lovely. Simply loved this product. It lightens your mood and is very smooth on the skin. If you have dry skin and looking forward to great moisturization, go for this one without a doubt!

4.The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

This one is the best smelling among all flavours of shower gels from the body shop. Go for this one if you like the smell of oranges. Its tangerine smell is so refreshing and I found it a bit stronger than the other variants I have tried except strawberry. Try this one for summers and you will not be disappointed.

5.The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel


The strawberry flavoured makes skin feels soft and moisturized and smell acts as stress reliever. Why I am keeping it last is because I personally do not like strawberry flavour much. It smells like a candy and has a sweet fragrance.

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