Top 5 Baby Monitors to Buy in India Absolutely Worth Your Money!

Baby Monitoring

Your baby is the most precious thing you treasure. As parents, you understand that babies are naive and vulnerable to accidents and might want to be around them at all times, even while they sleep. Parents should have some way of monitoring their child even if they are apart. Here we bring you a list of baby monitors you can buy in India that is worth it for your baby monitoring needs.

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1. BabySense Video Baby Monitor With LCD

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  • This baby monitor has lots of cool features and seems really inexpensive for what they provide you with.
  • It has a good 2.4 inch LCD screen which can clearly show your child on cam. It has a crystal clear digital display and sound signal that will ensure precise and accurate monitoring of your baby’s situation.
  • It also has a timer-alarm setting, eco mode (which turns on if it hears the baby crying), auto infrared night vision mode, temperature sensing as well as built-in lullabies!
  • Additionally, it comes with a wide 900ft range and can be paired with multiple monitors if you have more than more than one child or if you want to see a different angle. It is surely good value for money.

2. SereneLife Wireless Video Baby Monitor

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  • This one might seem slightly more expensive however it comes with excellent quality and durability.
  • It also features wide wireless range, built-in battery, night vision mode, two way talk, and temperature control.
  • Also provides a good plethora of features that will allow the parents to properly sense and monitor the baby whenever and wherever they want.

3. Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor

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  • Philips is known to provide quality products at cheap price, this baby monitor by Philips is no exception. The Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor is a battery-operated baby monitor that is capable of listening to your child.
  • It features a smart echo mode and different noise level sensing. It is of high quality and wide range.
  • However, it lacks the video monitoring, temp monitoring, and two way talk. It might be bare-bones but it should be enough to secure your child.
  • If you are in having a fixed budget you can surely consider this one.

4. Infant Optics Dxr-8

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  • A high quality baby monitor, this is one of the stylish, trendiest and coolest baby monitors around.
  • It has a camera that has high quality video feed and customization video angles with zooming that blows the competition out of the water.
  • It doesn’t really work on the internet for wireless monitoring and this means no lag and delay in video and audio feed. It is 100% private as there is no internet connection involved.
  • It has a wide range of up to 700 feet. It is also light and sturdy with two way talk.

5. VTech DM111 Safe & Sound

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  • A budget-friendly baby monitor, it is capable of performing the basic function of listening and monitoring your child.
  • It alerts you and let you hear your baby if there is something that requires your attention.
  • Having this will permit you peace of mind by ensuring you that your child is safe and sound, no matter wherever you are.

Hopefully, you will find this list helpful in monitoring and protecting your precious bundle of joy with these amazing baby monitors. All of these are state of the art technologies and are highly trendy. These baby monitors are surely going to be your aid in efficiently looking after your child.

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