A Sales Rep’s Guide To Selling Better Using Videos

Video Marketing Guide

Did you know that 64 percent of consumers are more likely to invest in a product or service after watching a video?

Those are some really good odds and could be really good news for the sales figures! But how do we leverage videos to sell more services and products?

There are multiple video marketing styles to help consumers connect with the brand and buy the products and services. But, when the focus is solely on selling better, the product videos are the ones that work the best. These videos are made to highlight a particular product or service or its element to the viewers.

On that note, here is a brief guide on how to sell better and more using videos.

1. Start The Process With A Storyboard

There is no denying that you can give an awesome sales pitch even in your sleep. Even then, when it’s about a crucial undertaking like a Hubspot video that can affect your product’s market performance, start with a storyboard.

Get your marketing team on board and brainstorm ideas that can convey the potential of your service or product. It will help you create a framework that will let the rest of the process go smoothly.

Furthermore, this will make sure that all the important selling points are highlighted. So, your video will have a better chance of getting its job done.

2. Understand Where To Use Videos In The Cycle

It’s totally understandable if you’re feeling a little confused about where to use videos in your sales process.

To be honest, you can use videos anywhere in the entire sales cycle. The point is to figure out where you want to have higher conversions.

If you are trying to have a shot at the attention barrier, try to make the videos work at the top of the sales funnel. On the other hand, if you’re aiming at dislodging sticky deals to lead them to close, use videos at the middle or bottom of the funnel.

3. Moving Deals Towards The Finish Line On Time

You can try to maintain a deal momentum using video reminders. Using videos throughout the sales process can make your prospects more accustomed to your products or services.

When a deal gets tied up over some or other technicalities or when the stakeholders start dragging their feet, use micro-demos to get things moving. They are great for the prospects who are reluctant about committing to full demos.

It even works when it comes to outlining the value proposition in ways that matter to certain business units. You can have a link to your calendar as the endnote of your video.

Just remember one thing: videos can make things simple wherever anything needs an explanation.

4. Keep The Script Tight & Without Filler Content

The two things to keep in mind when creating a great script are relevance and length. So, try to keep the script short and compact by keeping a strict word limit. Make sure that there is no filler content.

It all comes down to the short attention span of modern consumers. Anything that doesn’t capture their attention in seconds is not going to do well in terms of highlighting your product or services.

A rambling script that takes too long to get to the point will kill conversions. The key is to focus on the consumers’ needs and giving them what they want to hear. A load of stuff about the company and everything it does is not required in a video.

5. Go Ahead With The Right Content Idea

There are several styles of content that go well in terms of product or service videos. You can take the following four ideas as your starting point.

  • Recognize the issue – You’ll find it easier to capture your audience’s attention when your videos recognize a common problem that they face. Proceed to show how you offer the solution.
  • Introduce your USP – Make videos that highlight the USP of your product. You need to show what makes your product different from all others.
  • Aim to entertain them – Build a connection of the audience with your offerings by using an emotional story or adding some humor to the content.
  • Put testimonials to good use – Let the videos tell stories focusing on customer feedback.

6. Ensure That The Videos Are Edited To Perfection

How you edit the videos also has an important role to play in how successful they are in reaching your aim.

Make sure to use reliable, free video editing software to get the videos edited to perfection. You can visit the video engagement platform of Hippo to get more ideas in this regard.

Moreover, most of the social media platforms play videos on mute unless the sound is turned on by the viewer. And, most viewers don’t even turn on the sound. So, your videos need to work even when they run in silent mode.

7. Keep Track Of Your Sales In Terms Of Video Views

You have worked so hard to create a video that ticks all the boxes, and you’re sure that it will work. But, when you’re aiming to hit that sales target, there’s no time to rest easy.

Leverage the power of analytics to measure the interactions of the video against sales. Recognize the trends or correlations that you can put to good use when moving forward and making more videos. The more detailed the analysis, the better it is for you.

In fact, you might even choose to use customer surveys to get feedback on the videos you’ve made.

The Bottom Line

If you do it right, videos can help you hit that sales quota effortlessly. The benefits that you can draw using it trickles through the entire sales team and raises the numbers for everyone.

This is exactly how you can build a video-based sales culture that keeps on crushing quotas for every single quarter.

As mentioned earlier, it is a difficult job to do, but it’s not an impossible one if you use the ideas stated here.

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