Top 5 Swadeshi Made In India Sanitizer Brands List

Having clean and germs free hands is one of the elementary habits taught to all of us in our primary schools. We are trained to wash hands multiple times a day as a basic hygiene.  An in times like the current corona outbreak, hand sanitization is more important than ever before. If you are here, you are probably searching for a Swadeshi Made in India sanitizer.

The Corona pandemic has actually taught the population of many nations the importance of domestic production. While importing was always considered normal, it is during such times when we realize our reliance on other nations. As the imports are mostly banned at an all time low, its the domestic manufacturers, small, medium and large scale that are keeping up with the pace to ensure that the supply chain of basic amenities is consistent.

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and so does this one. It has made us realize that we can still fulfill all our necessities with indigenous products. Well to begin with, our team is working to come up with the list of Made in India Swadeshi most commonly used items like soaps, shampoo, toothpaste , hand sanitizer, facewash, dishwash etc. This article provides the list of best 5 made in India Hand Sanitizer gels.  

1. Himalaya Hand Sanitizer

Himalaya is a leading global herbal health and personal care organization with close to 500 products recommended by over 4,50,000 doctors in India. Himalaya offers a wide range of Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, BabyCare, Himalaya FOR MOMS, Wellness, and Animal Health products.

Himalaya Hand Sanitizer range is one of the best selling Hand Sanitizers. Typical price for ranges from INR 50 to INR 250 depending on the size. They have various variants like:

    • PureHands Hand Sanitizer Lemon
    • PureHands Hand Sanitizer Strawberry
    • PureHands Hand Sanitizer Orange
    • PureHands Hand Sanitizer Green Apple

2. Dabur Hand Sanitizer

Dabur India Ltd is one of India’s leading FMCG Companies with Revenues of over Rs 7,000 Crore. Ayurvedic texts were researched by Dabur in its quest for natural remedies. Today, its application in modern life has been renewed through the scientific research and validation undertaken at Dabur. The price for one Dabur Made In India Hand Sanitizer ranges from INR 225 for 450 ml to INR 250 for 500 ml. List of their sanitizer variants are as follows:

    • Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer Regular
    • Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer Lemon

3. Patanjali Hand Sanitizer

It is one of the largest manufacturer of Ayurveda products in India. Patanjali offers a wide range of products and each of them is very good in quality. What even better is the price of the products. Patanjali is giving a tough competition to the Global FMCG giants and have a very bright future. Surprisingly like the vast variety available for most of the other products, Patanjali Hand Sanitizers come in only one variant.

Patanjali Hand Sanitizer made with a blend of 99% pure alcohol and precious herbs like Neem, Tulsi and Aloe vera which kills 99.99% germs and leaves your hands soft and refreshed. The price of Patanjali Hand Sanitizer is INR 55 for 120 ml.

4. Emami BoroPlus Hand Sanitizer

Emami has recently launched Hand Sanitizer under the brand name of its antiseptic bestseller cream Boroplus. This has been done keeping an eye on the huge demand of hand sanitizers in the Corona pandemic times. Especially when the nation is focusing on locally manufactured goods, made in India Hand Sanitizers are  aiming at increasing demand from customers. 

Boroplus hand sanitizer is available at all leading pharmacy stores and e-commerce websites. The product is priced at Rs 25 for a 50 ml bottle, Rs 50 for 100ml pack, Rs 95 for 200ml, Rs 140 for 300ml of the product and Rs 2,400 for a 5 litre packaging.

5. Marico Mediker Hand Sanitizer

Marico Limited is one of India’s leading consumer products companies operating in the beauty and wellness space. Currently present in 25 countries across emerging markets of Asia and Africa, Marico has nurtured multiple brands in the categories of hair care, skin care, edible oils, health foods, male grooming, and fabric care. 

Hand hygiene has become more critical than ever before. To help protect your family from germs and viruses, Marico has forayed into the hand sanitizer category under its long-standing brand, Mediker, a 50 year old brand with a strong niche equity in the protection space. Mediker Made in India hand sanitizers pack have 70% v/v alcohol content that is sufficient to kill 99.9% germs without water, ensuring effective protection on-the-go from disease-causing germs.

The price of Mediker Hand Sanitizers is INR 45 for for 90 ml, INR 100 for 200 ml, INR 150 for 300 ml and INR 250 for 500 ml. 

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