Missed Call Scam from +257

A new international pay-per-call phone number missed call scam has been identified from Burundi, Africa (+257).

These calls arrive at odd times and often disconnect after one or two rings, not giving the receiver enough time to answer the call. The call appears in your phone log as a missed call and tempts you to return the call.

When you do that, you’ll hear a voice saying something like “hello, you have reached the operator, please hold.” 

While you’re doing that patiently, you’re getting charged per minute as per international call rates. 

Some reported numbers are:




  • The simplest solution is “don’t call numbers you don’t recognize”.
  • Today many smartphones display the location of the calling number as well. If not, just simply Google the ISD code before calling (first three digits).
  • You may also install third party apps like “Truecaller” that references a vast spam caller list.

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104 Thoughts to “Missed Call Scam from +257”

  1. sebisubi umar

    Likes of this kind ±25788410085

  2. Idy

    This number call me this morning just one missed call +25775909636

  3. Gladys

    This is a common scam and I don’t know what these guys gain from this. It’s not only from Burundi but different nations, like recently I have been receiving from Hamilton +64 7-846 0850, for like a whole month now, been getting its calls almost daily but I never call back.

  4. Chris

    Hello there some i m from Burundi and i just read the article… Some numbers that i saw in this comments section are real numbers! We have 3 operators in Burundi
    Lumitel: (+257) 69…,61….,62….,68….
    Smart: (+257) 75….
    Econet Leo: (+257) 79…..,71….76….
    Onamob: (+257) 77….
    Fixed lines: (+257) 22….

    If u have seen something different than that…. Then it’s a scam. Like (+257) 78, or 88, or 33, or any other number that starts with digits that are not mentionded above….

    Someone asked from where people got thier numbers… We are living in a world where sometimes it’s hard to keep your privacy why belonging in 100 groups of telegram and whatsapp and it’s very easy to get someone’s number.

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