What is BlackHat Hacking?

Blackhat hacking is the act of compromising and gaining control of a system for personal gains or specific agenda. Blackhat hackers are highly technically skilled professionals with advanced knowledge of operating system (Linux/windows/Mac) internals. Also referred to as crackers sometimes as they crack the deployed security controls intentionally for personal gains. Read More

Frequently Asked Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

Cyber Security is an interesting domain and so are the interviews. Owning to the broad range of topics in the information security domain, identifying the key areas seems challenging. From the perspective of the industry, some concepts definitely need a strong hold to stay firm in this domain. A few questions mentioned below constitute the most frequently asked interview questions and make sure you understand all of the clearly.   Read More

Cyber Security VAPT Interview Questions and Answers: Part 2

VAPT Interview Questions
VAPT is one of the most in-demand jobs in the field of cyber security today. Many tools and technologies have been developed to conduct VAPT.A typical VAPT interviewer will not ask specific questions regarding the functioning of any tool, but would rather be more interested in understanding the general problem solving approach of the candidate. Read More

Application Security Approach: Design, Containerization and VAPT

Security testers believe that Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing for identifying underlying vulnerabilities form a complete solution to all the application security issues. Experts however indicate, that application security is a multi-faceted concern, encompassing the multiple factors for comprehensive protection.  Read More