What is Bluelight Filter and how it helps our eyes

Mobile manufacturers have taken a note of this and a feature called 'Blue Light Filter' and 'Night Shift' has been added to premium segments of Samsung Galaxy and Iphones. Blue light filters are very helpful for your eyes and highly recommended. These may help you fall asleep more easily, especially if you’re in the habit of reading on your phone in bed. Read More

Top Websites to Teach Kids About Internet and Cyber Security

Know about some of the best resources that can be used to introduce kids to some of  the cyber safety tips they need to be careful about when they're spending time on the Internet. Most of them include self-paced learning, videos, games and quizzes and parents/teachers much encourage students to make use of these resources to get the best web experience without any fear. Read More

Top 5 Most Downloaded Free Antivirus for Android for 2020

Know Top 5 Most Downloaded Free Antivirus for Android for 2020. A good antivirus for android shall keep the phone protected from viruses, Trojans and other kinds of mobile malware. It will also provide safeguard against known malicious website and prevent them from downloading any other threats like spyware or add improper app permissions. Read More