10 Best Ways To Learn French Online For Free

Learn French Online

Are you eager to learn French Online? Well, if yes, you do not need to enrol in expensive courses and classroom sessions for the task. Thanks to the Internet, you can now learn French for free online at your own pace and time. Here are some of the best ways for you to learn French from the comforts of your home below: 

1. Learn French from the Alison Platform

You just need 6 to 10 hours to learn basic language skills in French from this platform. It is great for picking up conversational skills in French, where you can master the verb tenses and improve your vocabulary. You will get a certificate after completing this course with an engaging instructor helping you with five modules.

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2. Duolingo

Hailed as the best way to learn french online, Duolingo needs no introduction to students and professionals. One can find beginner to advanced modules on the platform. These modules are highly interactive and engaging with motivational content like quizzes, games, and vibrant graphics. The course is free, but you get no certificate from here.

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3. French I

Offered by MIT Open Courseware, this course is 100% free and deals with advanced levels of the language. It is ideal for those who have completed the introductory levels and you do not have to be a student at MIT to enrol for it. These french classes online can be learned at your own pace, but there is no certificate available after you have completed the course.

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4. French A1 by TV5Monde

This course module offers students more than 500 exercises in French through a comprehensive video library. There are several aids for pronunciation, grammar, cultural information, vocabulary, and more. The course is free, but there is no certificate available.

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5. Talk French by BBC

This course offered by BBC is intended for complete beginners to the French language. There are 12 module topics each with a word game, video, and a printable worksheet. It can also be used in conjunction with BBC’s TV series Talk French. No sign up is needed and you can learn at your own pace. The course is free, but there is no certificate given to participants.

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6. Ma France

This video course is perfect for those who want to brush up their French language skills or are returning back to studying the language. It is offered by BBC languages and there are 24 courses for you to learn in total. Though there is no certificate provided to students, the course is worth learning because of its interactive games and other engaging content.

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7. Udemy

This widely popular 1.5-hour Udemy french classes online course allows students to learn the French language in three-minute course durations. It is great for learning daily conversation especially if you are going to visit France soon. The course is free, but there is no certificate.

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 8. You Learn French by Joella Andriantsivohony

This course is more of an online repository of free videos for the student to access and grasp the basics of the French language. Blogspot hosts this site, however, there is no signup needed for the student. There are hundreds of free video courses, PDFs and more. You can jump into any level you please and learn the French language from the comforts of any place for free.

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9. Improve Your French Now By Udemy

Taught by its creator Français avec Pierre, who is an instructor with 15 years of experience in teaching French, it is one of the best way to learn french online. If you enrol for the free version of this course, you can access the whole course, however you will not be able to directly message your instructor or get a certificate for the course after you have completed it.

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10. BBC Languages, The French Experience

This course under BBC languages gives students a practical approach for learning the French language. It comprises of video lessons with several practical activities for students. It is a 10-part language series and ideal for individuals who wish to brush up their language skills or wish to learn it as a beginner. The course is free, but there is no certificate.

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Therefore, what are you waiting for? Check out these courses for free above to begin learning French and surprise everyone with your conversational skills soon- all the best!

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