Why You Should Include Dry Fruits In Your Daily Diet To Stay Healthy?

Include Dry Fruits In Your Daily Diet

As the age -old adage goes “Health is Wealth” and in the post-pandemic era, this should be your top priority. When it comes to the subject of wealth, diet plays a crucial role. Coupled with regular exercise, you can become stronger and immune to many diseases. A healthy diet should be balanced and nutritious with at least 8 glasses of water daily. Experts recommend to include Dry Fruits in you Daily Diet to stay healthy.

The importance of dry fruits 

Like fresh fruits even dry fruits are power-packed with essential vitamins and nutrients for the body. They are great for snacks and will keep junk-food cravings away. Given below are some of their key benefits for health-

1. Boosts immunity– They are loaded with potassium, proteins, calcium that boost your immunity. Packed with antioxidants they help you battle multiple illnesses and infections. 

2. Weight loss-Dry fruits coupled with nuts are good for weight loss if consumed moderately. Low in sugar, fat, essential oils, they are incredibly healthy for those who are obese and want to knock off the extra pounds. 

3. Keeps the skin healthy and wrinkle-free– Everyone wants to keep looking young and wrinkle-free. Healthy lifestyle habits coupled with a diet loaded with dry fruits helps you to keep wrinkles and the early signs of aging away. 

4. Keep constipation at bay-Loaded with multiple dietary fibers, dry fruits help to keep constipation away as it keeps the gut healthy. 

5. Keeps your heart healthy- Dry fruits control the levels of cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure, especially raisins. They help in reducing stroke, and the risks of other heart ailments. 

6. Prevents cancer- Cashew and almonds are known to help in the prevention of breast cancer. They are power-packed with phytonutrients that help prevent the cancer-cells from accumulating in the body. 

7. Fights anaemia and increases haemoglobin- Prunes and raisins are loaded with iron that help people suffering from anaemia. They are packed with essential vitamins like A, B, and K with minerals like magnesium, iron, copper, and unsaturated fat helps in the regeneration of red blood cells and increases haemoglobin in our body. 

Popular dry fruits 

Let’s look at some of the popular dry foods you can include in your diet-

Almonds- Loaded with Vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential oils, almonds are beneficial for kids and adults. You can eat them in roasted form or raw after soaking them in water. Best eaten in the morning. 

Walnuts- Packed with Omega -3 fatty acids, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and anti-oxidants they help in the reduction of fat and keeps your heart healthy. 

Cashew- Known for their creamy texture and delicious taste, they are high in magnesium, vitamin E, proteins, and Vitamin B6. 

Dates- They are tropical dry fruits and can be either wet or dry. Loaded with digestive fibers, they keep you full for longer hours and suppress cravings for food. Rich in iron they enhance the health of your gut and boosts energy. 

Apricots- Known for suppressing hunger, they are loaded with magnesium, Vitamin A, copper, and Vitamin E. 

Raisins- They are dried grapes that have a sweet and sour taste. A rich source of iron, they are beneficial for the digestive system to help constipation and acidity. 

Include Dry Fruits in your daily diet from today to see the change in your immunity, strength and overall health.

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