How to Achieve More Intimacy in Marriage?

Intimacy in Marriage

Do you want to rekindle the passion and intimacy in your marriage? If yes, today’s post is just for you. You will discover some simple and powerful ways in which you can achieve more intimacy in your marriage. All you need to do is practice them regularly and watch the intimacy and passion return back into your marriage in no time!

Before getting into the tips to bring back or achieve more intimacy in your marriage, you should focus on emotional intimacy first. It refers to the state of being loved and safe in a relationship. When the levels of emotional intimacy in a marriage is high there is deep trust and communication in the marriage. 

Taking the right steps in this direction cements the intimate and emotional bond you have with your partner in the marriage. Last but not the least, it is never too late for you to start! 

Better late than never! No matter how old you are or for how long you have been married, the following tips will help you to rekindle the passion with your spouse-

1. Hold the hand of your spouse more often

If both of you have been lacking intimacy nowadays, you can start off with the simple yet powerful form of affection- holding hands. This step can do wonders when it comes to bringing back intimacy in the marriage. Gradually, you and your spouse will feel more comfortable to hug one another, cuddle often, and take things forward in the bedroom more naturally.  Sex should never be a routine and in order to enhance the intimacy in the marriage, discuss your fantasies with each other and experiment new things that both of you are comfortable with. 

2. Shut down electronic devices

People who have been married for a long time, get so used to one another that they hardly communicate and mostly stay glued to their computer, smartphone, or TV. Remember emails and texts are needed to get practical things done as a team however, when it comes to deep and intense intimacy, keep electronics out of your way. Focus on one-to-one interaction, and when you come home silence the phone or just keep it in a box away from both of you. 

3. Be available emotionally

As mentioned above, when partners become close for many years, they unintentionally take their spouses for granted and might innocently land up hurting them with unkind words or actions. If you have the habit of belittling or hurting those close to you with personal attacks, stop right now. Unknowingly, even if your spouse stays silent, you are building a wall between both of you. Everyone wants a loving and safe environment, and the same applies to both of you. If you have bad relationship habits, dump them right now. 

4. Spend more time together

Increase quality time together and plan on weekly or fortnightly date nights. This might sound easier said than done especially if you have children to take care of. You can consider having a cup of tea or coffee together daily in the evening when the kids are studying or you can have 30 minutes of uninterrupted couple time after you tuck the kids in bed.  Both of you can do domestic chores like washing the dishes, grocery shopping, etc as a couple and spend more time with each other. 

5. Seek balance between self-care and couple time

The strongest marriage will always have two interdependent people and not being attached to each other all the time. Too much of “togetherness” has its drawbacks and can jeopardize the marriage. Remember, both of you are two different people with independent hobbies, social friends, jobs, etc. A relationship that gives you space will help the marriage blossom into a wonderful bond. 

Intimacy in any marriage can be regained or enhanced with the above simple tips. Remember, both of you need to put in some time and effort however, in the long run, it is always worth it so start incorporating these tips in your long marriage today!

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