How Positive Affirmations For Kids Help In Developing Confidence

Positive Affirmations For Kids

Do you know that positive affirmations for kids can empower their confidence and self-love? As a parent, you can practice them daily with your child to boost an optimistic attitude in them early in life. If you really want to know how to get started, today’s post is just for you. Stay with us till the end to discover on why and how you as a parent can instil the power of positivity in your child early on in life!

Teach your child self-love 

Positive affirmations teach your little one about self-love and the importance to be kind to oneself. Life is harsh and there are times when we adults start to doubt ourselves. This is where we need to stop the negative thoughts and patterns that follow. Self-love and compassion are the need of the hour so teach your kid while young to be kind to themselves and not be affected by the harsh world and its events around them. 

When they start reciting simple sentences of positive affirmations, they develop love for themselves. When they love themselves, they can also love everyone around them as well. 

Positive affirmations mitigate negative thoughts 

When kids are taught positive affirmations, they are able to kill negative thoughts and feelings. Life is not fair sometimes however our attitude counts on how we deal with adverse situations or events. When we teach our kids the power of positive affirmations, they will start believing in themselves and their abilities to overcome challenges and negative thoughts early on in life. 

Reciting positive affirmations with your kids every morning helps them develop an optimistic attitude towards life and a successful future. 

Cultivate self-esteem and confidence in your child 

We often come across people who are not so kind or compassionate towards us. There are times when success earns you more foes than friends. Harsh words, criticism, and other negative behaviour can scar our self-esteem and drag down our confidence. 

Remember, the same will also happen to your child, and no matter how hard as a parent you are committed to protect them, bad people or things do happen. This is where positive affirmations will step in as a savior for your child. Reciting them daily makes them believe in positivity and bouncing back with their self-esteem and confidence when dragged down. 

Let us look at some positive affirmations you can use for your kid

  • I am beautiful/handsome. 
  • I am an awesome person. 
  • Today is a wonderful day. 
  • I can do anything I want to do
  • I am confident 
  • I am a winner 
  • The world is safe for me 
  • I don’t know everything but that’s alright. 
  • I can make good decisions. 
  • I am a strong leader. 
  • I am smart 
  • I am happy. 

  • No one can take away my smile.
  • I choose to be happy. 
  • I am kind.
  • I will have a great day no matter what happens.
  • I will bounce back if I fall. 
  • I will learn from my mistakes. 
  • I help others. 
  • I forgive myself if I make a mistake. 
  • God loves me.
  • I am positive. 
  • I will learn everything I need. 
  • Good things will happen today.
  • I have a big heart
  • My future is bright

Besides the above, there are lots more of fantastic positive affirmations you can practice with your kid. Make it a daily routine or write them down on colourful chart paper and stick it on the wall of your child’s bedroom. Every day and night, your child can see these positive affirmations and remember them sub-consciously. In this way, your little angel can develop strength, confidence, and self- love to become a shining star not only to themselves but to everyone they meet as they grow older as well!

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